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(176.93 KB 623x702 16goax4ggyw11.jpg)
Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 07:13:32 No. 167
Is this /ourhome/? Are the mods here more lenient than other places?
Mods have been pretty good with deleting shit content and maintaining the rules. Just have to wait for the board to grow a bit more.
As long as I'm not getting banned for niggershit like saying "soi" and I get warnings instead of three day bans for fucking everything, I'll be fine.
soy isn't blacklisted lol
I know, but I just got banned for saying it last week on 4chan.
For real??? The jannies have reached kike puppet tier faggot levels that are abysmal at best. What went wrong with cuckchan? The reddit fags, Q boomers, newfags not lurking for two years? Either way it is nice to have some sort of refuge before r/the_donald fags find this chan and fuck it up as well.
The one thing I wish this site had is timestamps.
(15.89 KB 1643x352 heres-your-you-dumb-nigger.png)
Not sure if it is our home, but I am not seeing as much child fucking news and girl love threads so maybe not.
nope, trannys and fags made their way here as well
By lenient you mean having a diaper thread than sure this is "/ourboard/"
fucking kek
>>167 See /meta. The guy who owns this board answers all kinds of questions about it there. So far so good, guy is adamant about protecting the right to say just about whatever you want here as long as it's legal.
>>334 Did you miss the whole part where 4chan got sold out and turned over to soy chugging faggots who procceded to ban hate speech and stiffle any discussion? Not only so they can run adds but so they can virtue signal. There is a reason one of the global rules is "no rascism". So as an effect any person with half a brain cell got beaned or left and Trump fags flooded in finding it their hole and the whole thing went to shit. It's the image board equivalant to facebook now they even log IPs of posters and lurkers. It's exactly what happened to that giant Finnish image board. The only thing good is /fit/ and even that has seen decay, filled with degenerates and constant wojack spam.
>>169 What does that mean?
Yeah. Fuck cuckchan. I got banned for violating Rule 3. I was in the wrong but now I can't go on there until the 13th.
>>167 finally a place with no fucking normies and foids, lets hope this lasts for long
>>167 Jannies are always trannies remember.
(Clears Throat) Fuck Niggers Fuck trannies Fuck jannys
it will be if those fucking nine year old niggers can lay off the trap anime porn spam.
(149.54 KB 643x456 2020-07-21_17-13.png)
>>167 Apparently
>>167 /ourhome/? Stupid question but who does that entail?
>>1291 This places is kinda dead tho
>>1321 damn straight it is faggot


no cookies?