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(683.07 KB 751x684 wojak_doome.png)
Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 07:39:38 No. 172
>job interview for apprenticeship (pretty much for cunts straight outta high school)
>he asks my age
>say i'm over 21 (i'm 32 but look a decade younger. pissed away a whole decade doing fucking nothing)
>"so you're 21?"
>reply: yes
>what you do in your spare time?
>by yourself?
>with friends also?
>yes (lie)
i'm never making it out of a factory
i'm never going to make it
Was this recent? Did they get back to you anon? What type of work is it?
(51.36 KB 544x540 f4f.jpg)
20 minutes ago
he said he'll contact me in 2 days time
garden maintenance work (pure fucking bliss)
Best of luck to you anon! I thought only Mexicans did that kind of work (maybe thats just around here), does it pay well?
i'm in australia mate
it pays shit or 3 years then it's ok
Damn it must be so fucking hot! Are abos as cancer as people say?
it's not hot yet
they're not like niggers they just destroy themselves
Do they do any kind of real work? Like what do they contribute?

When are you guys going to wipe them out?
no they don't do any work but i don't care
they'll get wiped out along with us when muslims become a majority
Is that a real concern? Are muzzies really coming in droves that big?
they automatically get $1000 a fortnight for being refugees
and the men can have 4 wives and pump out kids at an extraordinary rate
Thats completely fucked, I can't believe there hasn't been more political opposition. Why is it happening? Because muh guilt?
>Why is it happening?
not really guilt just multiculturalism = good
So sad, Australia is being taken over. I notice you guys have some extremely outspoken and aggressive feminists in power, moreso than any other country. They are super militant.
(384.74 KB 2048x1536 IMG_20190731_151103.jpg)
It should be this hard to find a well paying job outside of kitchen and retail. I refuse to go to college to get a useless degree. Im tired of kitchen, they hire the worst fucking people, and i refuse to socialize with people in retail. I tried working in a factory but even there im an outcast. I dont know what to do
meme answer: security
if you don't want to go to uni maybe trade school? just make sure you pick something in demand
if you want more money you're going to have to get some qualification
(1.25 MB 540x540 name a hero who was happy.gif)
Why are normies always shocked when you do things by yourself?

Even mountainbiking. People 404 when you tell them you go mountainbiking alone.
they block out thinking but constantly socializing
they don't want to be near people who think
because they're scared they might say something
that makes them think
(259.52 KB 1354x1504 wojak.jpg)
i think i broke my finger wageslaving at the factory yesterday
guess i'll find out tomorrow
How was it lad?
doc said it was soft tissue but i reckon it is not
got the week off work
don't lie about simple, obvious things.
the proper answers are:
how old are you? [a goddamn number, don't be evasive]
what do you do in your spare time? [some normie shit, nobody ACTUALLY cares, they're just checking if you're a fucking weirdo]
just don't lie. If you go in believing you're not good enough how the fuck could the interviewer come to a different conclusion?
I partially tore a tendon at my factory job. I was just a seasonal worker trying to get on full time so I was afraid to bring attention to it. Luckily they had me doing light tasks for a few months so I didn't need to lift my arm up too much.
>how old are you? [a goddamn number, don't be evasive]
that single number reveals that i'm retarded
>what do you do in your spare time? [some normie shit, nobody ACTUALLY cares]
<just don't lie
yeah, great advice if you're a normie who does normie shit
I lasted almost 3 months doing an apprenticeship. Wondering if I should continue on and start again for next year. I'm so black pilled this country is fucked. Within 20 years our economy is slowly going to decline and we will be overrun by foreigners.
how old and what are you doing?
don't end up like me man
18 bro. What's so bad about your life?
I work laborworks doing labor jobs worth $18+ for minimum wage

don't end up like me
You may be right when it comes to low IQ "people".
But even the highest IQ men react the same way: "You mountainbike? With other people right?". I would like to be proud to say I ride alone because Im free and Im faster than the rest but I need the normies in daily life so I comply.
they still know im robot and hate me for it
(25.59 KB 400x400 9e48rg16e8r.jpg)
Dont be a bitch and finish what you started!
You may change your course based on new information.
You may choose a new profession and apprenticeship.
But never quit your goals!

Never get married!
For sex follow the Tom Leykis rules and learn MGTOW philosophy!

Everything has its price. pay it. Or choose not to pay it.
Even through those laws, it¡s disgusting, why would anyone ever try to share pleasures with such a threatening creature?
Tell the truth. Stop thinking that you must run away from yourself.
>>195 W E L D
>>500 Nice numbers, mister. What I usually do is return a question to them. >You do this activity? <yes >sociably of course? <no, why? A normalfag usually cannot comprehend that some activities don't have to involve other people, has BSOD and GTFOs.
>>172 >pissed away a whole decade doing fucking nothing This is what is happening to me right now and I'm scared shitless of ending up like you.
>>172 To me, such dialogue seems like the old f*g has already smelled you. so, don't hide. Try always different strategies, at least you'll end up not feeling like you sold yourself.


no cookies?