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(58.49 KB 800x513 877.jpg)
Normalfags Hate Thread Anonymous 03/21/2021 (Sun) 02:57:35 No. 2148
Normalfag Hate Thread ITT things you hate about normalfags the most. >When they say oh just bee yourself bro or just stop being depressed bro lol >When they tell you to get a job as if that will solve all of your problems >The type of threads they make on this board and the fact that they call themselves robots and try to fit in even though they aren't If you aren't a socially awkward virgin male with autism you're not a robot >Their constant partyfagging and degenerate behavior like casual sex and recreational drugs >The constant need they have to complain about their relationship problems >The fact that they are so judgmental and judge you for every little thing because you are not like them and not as successful as them >The fact that they don't know anything about internet culture and kill memes like pepe and wojak and they turned wojak into soyjak >The cringe YouTube content they make and the constant need for validation and attention from social media and how narcissistic they are >When they use words incorrectly like incel robot Nazi racist sexist NEET Hikikomori and treat them as buzzwords or change the meanings of the words to try and make them more inclusive terms >The fact that they never STFU about politics >The fact that they say oh i feel so sorry for you or you should get help when they don't actually mean it they are just being polite >The fact that they bully actual social outcast while at the same time larp as nerds because nerd culture became mainstream >When they brag about having sex in high school or in public >When they mock shooters like Elliot not realizing that they are part of the problem as to why school shootings keep happening Anything i missed /r9k/?
Probably the partying and how they generally socialize too much. Ironically they don't want you to "bee yourself," they want you to find your rung on the hierarchical ladder. The faux concern is very annoying, too. They only pretend to care about people in a rut so others witness how much of an upstanding person they are.
(43.85 KB 384x500 160574794386.jpg)
>>2148 They repeat the last popular words and is fucking annoying. "LOLOLOLOLOOL YOU SIMP KEKEKEKE LAMOOOO SIMP SIMP SIMP"
>>2153 I just stuck with "whiteknight" or "cuck". Where was "simp" even first said? I heard it was some nog who said it on twatter or somewhere else.
>>2154 black slang of the 70s that got revived with 90s hip-hop, then later used by the "manosphere" types in the mid 2000s.


no cookies?