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Anonymous 06/09/2021 (Wed) 01:50:57 No. 2276
I made 'the incel movie' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1k98QjeK0s It's targeted at youtube frogs and youngcels but hasn't really hit that audience. I've just been sending it out to incels who will cringe at it but I wanted to show a descent into internet addiction from relative normality, and I think it could pay off if I hit the right audience. In reality I've been pretty far gone since I was about 19.
i thought people on tvchan or wherever i saw it posted like it.
>>2277 yeah it's doing pretty well compared to most first videos
>>2276 Hey Anon, about half way through it right now. I think you really captured something with this one, I rarely ever post, especially with my role signature. I think you made something quite profound, especially for a single person project (or so I assume). This could turn into a really amazing pilot for a more cinematic film. Congratulations to you for making this, I find it genuinely impressive.
>>2280 Thanks! Really glad I finished it rather than giving up
>>2276 This was really fucking good. It's just a guy losing his life on the internet, sorry your threads died my man this deserves to be seen
>>2287 Thanks, if you're the guy who went on to make more 4chan threads I appreciate it, I didn't want to spam it once my original ones died but it's good for exposure and I saw you got shit for it
>>2290 there is probably some thread you can post it in on wizchan but their moderation and users can be a little iffy sometimes


no cookies?