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(209.64 KB 498x589 1569624086544.png)
General Feels thread Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 06:55:43 No. 316
Let's sit down and type the most feels story here

or dump some whatever that makes you tear up
(14.03 MB 1920x814 Jennifer Connelly - Sway.webm)
>>316 I believe islam is true, while >loving /pol/ >loving astrology >hating inmigration >depressed about sharia misinterpretations >confirming the corruption inside it through the "end of times ahadith" and "Kali Yuga predictions" >world will colapse at every corner just as (((planned))) >muslims would hate me for being non-salafist >/pol/acks would hate cause of being muslim >watching the two biggest enemies of the (((synarchy))) destroy each other under the eyes of (((freemasons))) >tired all day, robot, doomer, demotivated af >pseudonazis are higher than educated ones >salafists seem to grow faster than other muzzie groups I wouldn't, can't say if I'd have energy enough to do so. Let's smile in caustic silent discomfort and hope that sleeping heals a bit some of our hidden, untold, misunderstood mental pains...
>>626 since other muslims hate you, why even apply the label to yourself? i hate islam and i still recognize there is merit to some stuff they practice. most people are too dumb to understand it's very hard to impossible to find even one person you agree with entirely on everything.
There once was a young boy, innocent and pure. He had lost his father to a bitter divorce and his only friend in the whole world was his loyal and affectionate doggy. One day he came home from a typical rough day of abuse at school looking forward to being greeted his happy fluffy friend - but he was not there. He looked everywhere calling for him and grew increasingly worried. Overcome with sadness and grief he soon found out that his evil bitch mother had given him away without warning or even giving him a chance to say goodbye.
>>316 webm https://16chan.xyz/.media/a31f66db0fc77778793dc9f2bbaf60d7-videomp4.mp4 >>626 /pol/ack here, and one of the few that believes we should work together against a common enemy. As an atheist, I respect you right to religion, however can not support it any more than I support christcucks with skyjews or pagans with their fairies. Religions while serving some good ideals, like that of some of jesus' or mohamed's teachings, are simply an invention of men to explain the unknown and to use as a means of control of lesser men. As-salamu alaykum, based sandnigger
Where did you robots come from? I am looking for my robotic brethren that scattered during the exodus
(62.75 KB 700x700 zqsFJtJ.jpg)
>>316 >be me >9 years old >dad takes me to some doctor that deals with genetics >tells me I will grow to about 185-195 >7 years later >is 170 and dad takes me to doctor again to check up on me >get an x-ray >growth plates closed >can't grow anymore >can't take hormones to grow >10 cm (4 inches) under average >stuck here for the rest of my life >mfw
>>626 I'm an arab muslim therefore you're a brother, you're a brother to all other muslims too. What made you feel that hate? Also, salafism isn't growing at all within muslims, most of us are aware of the modern misinterpretations of Quran justifying the bloody acts of you know who. On a side note, I too used to hate Islam but as I grew up and made my own research I realised how true Islam is. The majority aren't applying any of Islam's rules and are 'misinterpreting'(ignoring/avoiding actually) a lot. Ignorance and religion alongside propaganda is a deadly tool.
(13.55 KB 633x758 1484383412300.gif)
>tfw not have gf


no cookies?