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(11.20 KB 640x360 staring.png)
Dumb piece of shit Anonymous 10/21/2019 (Mon) 09:42:28 No. 438
Anyone feel this frustration and anger amongst themselves? Almost like if everything you've done in the past was your fault and it would've been better if you were not born?

Sometimes the anger I feel is vented out on to my parents. I feel like they've never done enough on their part to ensure my survival. Whilst some of those other kids were being mentored and provided proper resources, I was fed lies about how great i was compared to the others.

My father knew a lot about history, physics, maths and psychology. But instead of transferring this knowledge to me, he boasts instead of how intelligent he and how good i have it that i have him as a father, Yet however he wonders how I'm not up to par, how I'm lacking in any knowledge or logical thinking. Even if he is fully aware of the incompetence of the educational system, he still blames me.

God I feel so inferior compared to my peers, my writing is not up to my par, nor is my social communication and my thinking is complete trite.

Anyways, I don't know what I should do with myself. everything just seems like it is falling apart and there is no way to redeem myself. Fuck me.
I can relate to believing things would be better if I were never born. Although we may not get a fair beginning or ideal parents you can always rely on self improvement. Teach yourself the things you lack, utilize your resources, harness your rage as motivation. Your life will continue to fall apart here and there and sometimes it's more here than there. Just don't give up and remember that taking two steps forward and one step backwards is still moving forward.
do not follow emotions which have no rational or joyful usages. You don't really know where they begin, neither where they will end.

Someone outside there is the one who shouldn't have been born...

If you were not to be the smartest monkey in the cage, don't strive to be anything you cannot reach. Accept what you have to humbly use it without distractions... it may grow bigger it may not, but caring about unreachable things won't lead us to anything.

A thing that may help to your mindset:
do some fasting, eat less times along the day while you may not be doing so. It clears the mind the more you practice it.

Then you may have less "heaviness" in your head without all these clouds inside.
It worked to me, it must be some chemical thing.
Yep. Improvement is possible. I used to suck ass at math way back in middle school, but only because I didn't care enough to put in any effort. Straight ~75th %ile on math tests. After I decided to teach myself the material, and to do so out of interest rather than a desire for good grades, my performance improved dramatically.
Pick up a book. Failing that, use some online resources. But, as always, the first step to self-improvement is the elimination of plebbit spacing.
> The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.
- Nietzsche

Look at the bright side. At least you can thank the gods that you weren't born as a cripple, nigger, woman, or kike!
Try checking out the Self Improvement thread over at /pol/, may help you.
>>438 He is a retard for not paying you the knowledge and you are a retard for not getting it. The transference of values and meaning is at home, academia doesn't do shit for values.
no now im just starting to blame the jews for my worthless college education, 9/11 causing mass fear in society, the 2008 finacial crisis causing me to never afford my own home, leading to my drug addiction and depression as a result
>>438 stop jerking off for 3 months you'll feel different
>>438 Do your best to be your best. Eventually, you will probably not be the best but you'll be pretty damn great.


no cookies?