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roasties going insane Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 18:52:00 No. 516
white women are going insane watching how so many white MEN are going for asian women, or just going MGTOW and boycotting marriage. God, it feels good. I feed off the butthurt of roasties. All these "why won't men man up and marry us" types of articles nowadays. Seeing roasties butthurt is amazing.
Because the mere attitude of MGTOW is what balances the idiocy of manginas, chads, incels and volcels

It's what tkes back the power we all gave to them because of our misguided "instincts".

I stopped nourishing my soul from that so called roast since I realized it's just a child's rage. But keep up, anyway.
all i'm saying is to stop wasting your time on these bitches, if you want sex, then just buy a prostitute.
The butthurt is fucking hilarious, "have sex incels, no wait don't or your a muh soggy knist." they're fucking retards who double flip everything they say and twist it into a vicious ball of twine, im glad karma is biting the bitter and clueless roastie in the ass

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