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(33.19 KB 640x604 scissorwithruns.jpg)
hallo 54m50n#QYVfBN 09/20/2019 (Fri) 13:25:19 No. 62
4chan oldtripfriend here, gonna check out this imageboard for a bit. it'll probably die out or get removed like most do, but will enjoy in the meantime
Welcome brother, it's only been up like 11 days and it's grown quite a bit. The owner has been pretty based and is really trying to enforce quality from what I've seen.
yeah, idk how long that will last as the community grows though. stopping spam with just manual moderation can get tiresome
>mods remove a DiD meme, but keep tranny threads up
damn, looks like we're headed in a bad direction already
there's one tranny thread up right now already, but then again it got flagged as low content. I can't stand 49k anymore. you drinking anything tonite?
anon you can always just install 4 chan x and filter the shit out you know
The owner seems really cool. I like this r9k a lot. Wizchan is slow, 4/r9k/ is riddles with trannies and normies. I hope this stays comfy.
not drinking any booze till Halloween, will smoke some weed later though
same. funny I got banned on 49k for name dropping 16chan because it's a banned word. don't even want to screw with my network settings and change my mac address to bypass it
>>62 I quitted 4chan for the captchas. I got ten and I got fed up with it.
>>63 This thing has been up for 11 days? That's it?!!! >>62 Sup dude. I swore off 4chan 3 years ago shortly after noot took over.
>>750 you replied to a post from late september 2019. can't remember if post dates show up on mobile. for better or worse, it's been a bit slow for awhile. i think the board owner says it's been around several hundred hits a day (not posts)
>>609 Not him, but legacy captcha dying really was the last straw. It's what sent me to 8chan and other chans finally despite them being dead. What got me wasn't putting up with it, it was that no one even CARED about jewgle captcha. Making captcha's isn't even hard. You don't need a government spy machine's help. The site is simply there to piss people off while making money, the users off specifically. 4chan used to piss OTHER people off and make it's own userbase happy. It's just bad. The only time mods act on anything is to destroy freedom of expression too while leaving bait.
>>753 Yeah you're right, I looked up the logs too and this site's only been around since September 10, 2019.


no cookies?