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Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 05:48:20 No. 662
I’m going to see my oneitis on Monday. It’s been a year and a half since we last saw each other, I’ll probably greentext it at some point. just kill me
>be me >be sophomore in high school, 15 years old >do some county-wide “youth leadership” thing >we basically just go around the county once a month learn about “leadership” and firefighters and community colleges, it was pretty fucking gay >see qt3.14, exactly my type >light skin (not pale though), dark hair, nice natural eyebrows, dark eyes, she has dimples when she smiles, introverted, always wore black clothing, close with her family, goes to church, volunteers, doesn’t have any social media >call her J >talk to her a little bit here and there, never ask for her phone number because I’m a fucking faggot loser >program ends, never thought I’d see her again >think about her all the time >fast forward to 2 years later, senior year of high school, 17 years old >in October, quit my job at a fast food place and got a new job in retail, The UPS Store, just basic minimum wage part-time high school shit >there’s 4 locations all owned by the same people, I only ever worked at 2 of them >in December, the owners of the business throw a Christmas party at a Japanese restaurant >I go, whatever, free food >I get there 10 minutes late, everyone else is already there (maybe about 20 of us) >see a girl who looks about my age at the table >take my seat several chairs down, look at her sometimes >hmmm she seems kinda familiar, do I know her from somewhere? >pull out my phone and check the work schedule this week (only lists first names on the schedule) >holy shit that’s J, wtf >do some basic “get to know me” games >then they have us line up from longest tenure all the way up through the recently hired >J and I were both hired at the same time, she got hired one week after I did >it’s been two months since we’ve been working here and never been scheduled together >we talk a little, she remembers me >everyone leaves the Japanese restaurant, can’t believe this is real, she lives on the other side of the county, why The UPS Store of all places to apply for a job, this is crazy >I’ve gotta ask her out or something >I think about what I’m going to do for the next couple weeks >it’s January, a couple weeks after that Christmas party >I look on the schedule to see when she works and what location >my friend T has an Amazon return he needs to bring to the UPS Store >ask if I can do it for him >”hey T, I can do it when I go into work haha” >I bring it to where J is working on my day off >work up the nerve to go in >I wait in line, busy day >I’m next >J is busy with a customer >fuck >other employee (not J) says “I can help the next guest” >I hesitate, then go up to the counter >B scans the bar code, puts the label on the Amazon return, hands me my receipt >I go use the restroom >sit on floor, think about what to do >I should just leave >flush the toilet, run the sink >walk back out to the sales floor >stare at the retail shelf where we sell tape and envelopes and stuff >I go to pick out some sticky notes >entire fucking shelf breaks >everything is on the floor >store goes dead silent >I start picking everything up, I dare not turn around, I know she’s looking at me, just fucking kill me >some old black lady says “we can all see you, you know” >I say “I know” >I grab two sticky notes off the floor and wait in line >there’s still shit on the floor, shelf is still broken >next in line >J is busy, B calls me up again >not this time >tell the person behind me they can go >go up to the counter as soon as J is free >hand her the two sticky note packs >she scans them, I pay >she hands me my receipt >I don’t take it >”so, are you doing anything this weekend?” >”it’s my birthday weekend” >fuck >”ok.” >”...” >”can I have your phone number?” >”I have a boyfriend.” >”ok.” >I walk out >never see her again >quit my job that summer after graduation and moved a few states away for school >I’ve since moved back and am enlisting in the Air Force here pretty soon >but I want to see her one last time... just...just fucking kill me
>>663 Give up on your oneitis. She doesn’t have the same feelings you do. Sorry homie, you will move on in time but you will always remember her and think about her from time to time. It’s okay, it’s a common experience.
>>663 >just...just fucking kill me Man up and do it yourself
>>663 you are quite humiliating for us all, chasing women instead of giving a damn. Why has your life to loop circles around these vices? Women know this and they have never mercy about this, showing us how much damn we should give to what they are or whay they want or do.
I didn’t go. I just hate myself. Idk
I need to ship something back to the manufacturer and I still need to make that Amazon return. Hopefully she won’t be working, but hopefully she will.
>>663 I feel bad for you Anon but I also followed desires due to oneitis just like you and let me tell you, it will always lead you to humiliating situations
>>663 Never allow a succubus to get such place in your mind! You failed since the very moment you asked her... You kneeled down to her. >we talk a little, she remembers me I pity the guys who give a serious crp about those things... >I’ve gotta ask her out or something Fail. She must come or you may not give a damn about her >I start picking everything up, I dare not turn around, I know she’s looking at me, just fucking kill me Why? Enjoy the task, man. Your mind is crazed with normalfag poison. >I start picking everything up, I dare not turn around, I know she’s looking at me, just fucking kill me >some old black lady says “we can all see you, you know” >I say “I know” You should have told her "thank you for helping". And then ignore everyone else >”so, are you doing anything this weekend?” Fail again. It's her who must show interest, not you. (They won't, but if they can keep up with that, we must be better at it) >never see her again >quit my job that summer after graduation and moved a few states away for school >I’ve since moved back and am enlisting in the Air Force here pretty soon >but I want to see her one last time... To the Air Force? To serve the (((government))). Yup, you may deserve some death after all. I pity you. Did you ever imagined her having sex with you or with other person? You sure have no real libido just the typical schizo anguish that makes you believe that a succubus (and trying with them) will heal your "loneliness". Relinquish those chimeras. She did already had your servitude, your desperation... why should she come back? to give it back? What shall you say to her? "Oh pls leave Chad and make me because I'm so helplessly virgin losing my ass at you, oh noe" . Well, it would be great for you to do it in a burly tone or just in case you may feel the minimum fear about doing it, just to crush down that fear... but then you may discover that she may give you a serious answer, with malicy. ¬¬ We do not call them succubi just for nothing.
>>663 >are you doing anything this weekend? That sounds controlling inside her head. Just invite her to do something, and let her say whatever she may say. If she replies with "muh boyfriend" well.. you were not telling her to marry you! >HER: ”it’s my birthday weekend” >YOU: fuck That was completely self-sabotage towards yourself, and peak unpolite. You could have just said "I don't celebrate those things..." just telling away things about you, as if she cared... then remain silent. (You are with this, giving her a chance to try to make value more such parties, inviting you, then you refuse and she will feel she's still has something to do about you) > can I have your phone? No, no, no! you just give yours to her, discretely and without asking. Like they do!!! >do some basic “get to know me” games What more failures did you commit while doing this? God knows...
>>663 I've been there, except the oneitis was my fiance and he left me to die. Literally. Stuffed my face with hot chocolate for half a year afterwards, managed to not kill myself, somehow moved on by focusing on a million distractions, started enjoying myself alone by spoiling myself. You can fly solo and enjoy it.


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