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(83.56 KB 750x1334 6mexkl7njex11.jpg)
Women Love Thread Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 13:39:12 No. 73
Just a thread for appreciating cute girls
(547.65 KB 491x474 1562306154103.png)
(67.82 KB 772x960 FB_IMG_1567121015268.jpg)
(862.95 KB 1200x891 C527E75.jpg)
(2.32 MB 1558x958 2af.png)
>Worshiping females
(282.95 KB 786x1242 l5636.jpeg)

What a bunch of thirsty beta fags we have here.
Grown women, as a rule, are fucking disgusting - far from cute. By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have already decided to become prostitutes.
They only see men as useful idiots to use as slaves for the production of material shit. Slaves that they can weaponize their vaginas and their unbound privilege against with no capacity for guilt or remorse.
fuck bitches
(39.61 KB 245x310 yunge.jpeg)
>women are disgusting
we know
currently the only source of aryan supermen though
(514.50 KB 1344x3216 u656565.png)
>currently the only source of aryan supermen though

The birth rate for white women is far below replacement level so technically women are not having aryan supermen and are thus the cause of his extinction.
(446.93 KB 2220x1080 Screenshot_2019-11-22_185000.jpg)
>>73 I love raping them, does that count?
(19.02 KB 680x383 1586677722825.jpg)
>>73 good morning I hate women
(366.33 KB 720x1280 IMG_1694.JPEG)
>>499 how is it so hard to prove to you people that concurrence doesn't prove causality? jordan peterson (iota) thinks that it's *birth control* affecting women's hormones. by that logic, women who are on birth control already think they're pregnant. therefore you hav a bunch of self-satisfied women who have no biological need for you. i submit that this is not the case, obviously. not only are we not controlled by our hormones but are rather controlled by social factors. there's an experiement that proves this. the control group of mice have regular water and heroin water alone in their cages. they drink the heroin water until they die. same heroin water and regular water for the other group of mice. the mice try the heroin water and leave it alone because they are more fulfilled by social interaction. the real lift example would be the heroin use during the vietnam war, when the veterans didn't come back as heroin addicts. ok, are you with me so far? then you would suggest that the social factor here (i have no idea why you think that it's more likely women in the workforce rather than whatever that other graph was representing, women's liberation generally? how do you measure that? some UN matrix?((i didn't take that class in college i'm not doing statystical analysis because whoever thinks this can't get pusey)). what about, then, the change in birthrates as a function of industrialization? is that why it's more likely? seems to be the case. you don't need seven kids to till a farm so you don't have them. plus kids are expensive. is it an economic factor? you're pushing yourself away from the table if you're working middle class or lower and have more than two kids. so we have, as factors: religion, feminism, industrialization, economic shifts, to explain a declining birthrate amongst first world couples. let's include in feminism things like abortion because there's a matrix to measure feminism too. am i missing something? that you want to reduce it all to feminism? you are retarded.
>>73 >>98 >>99 >>157 >>160 kys you fucking retarded imbred troglodyte >>603 >>974
homie you wrong about the mice heaven heaven experiment it was cocaine and THEY FUCKING LOVED IT. partied like my dad
>>499 Well, no. Women's liberation has an effect on birth rates. But it is far more likely that it's more about atheism and secularism than women's liberation. Let's look at your table. Lets pick the country that has the lowest gender inequality score, Slovenia, the country with least births, Singapore. Slovenia: 73% Catholicism 21.5% Atheism 2.4% Islam 2.2% Eastern Orthodox 0.9% Lutheranism Singapore: 33.2% Buddhism 18.8% Christianity 18.5% Atheism 14.0% Islam Let's look at the highest gender inequality score and highest birthrates, Niger. Niger: 99.3% Islam 0.3% Christianity 0.2% Animism 0.1% Atheism Let's look at chad for good measure. Chad: 55% Islam 41% Christianity 2% Irreligious 1% Folk 1% Other I am noticing a pattern. The highest birthrate and highest gender inequality countries had little to no atheists and were strongly Muslim. The lowest birthrate and lowest gender inequality countries were mostly Christian, Buddhist and Atheistic. Considering how Islam and most notably it's post-modern interpretations have a focus on spreading themselves, and the fact that these countries both are in the top 3 worst HDI scores in the world (Niger at #1, Chad at #3), abortions, birth-control and even condoms are probably off the table. > But wait! What about Israel? Well let's look at Israel. Israel: 74.2% Judaism 17.8% Islam 2.0% Christianity 1.6% Druze 4.4% other But this doesn't explain why Israel has a low gender inequality score. No, it's not because the Jews are secretly manipulating the numbers, or at least, it doesn't seem like it. No, the reason is that simply saying "74.2% Judaism" doesn't tell the whole story. Let's take a closer look at Judaism. 49% Hiloni (secular) 29% Masorti (traditional) 13% Dati (religious) 9% Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Especially considering how Haredi families have 6.7 children on average, is it really surprising that Israel is at 3.07 Births per woman according to your research? tl;dr: The religion of a country seems to be the cause of both it's gender inequality and birthrates. Therefore, they are related but not do not cause each other.


no cookies?