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(34.82 KB 539x427 capture.JPG)
Anonymous 02/18/2020 (Tue) 01:20:38 No. 801
Hi / r9k / i started painting recently, it's not pretty, i don't have talent and it's not even a passion, but I find it quite comfy to do at night i don't have anyone to show what I'm doing so I wanted to share it with you https://www.instagram.com/november9k if you have creations, you can share them with me too
>>801 Your art makes me sad. I suppose it is full of emotion though. I enjoy the painting of the girl standing on the hill. Perhaps you could sell your paintings if you're down on your luck financially.
>Instagram : Not creating a website in HTML and CSS to post your art in so you may feel superior to other people for their choice of social media. Patrictian.
>>801 Anon I really want to see but my Instagram got banned
Nice. I create music but I am not comfortable sharing it on here since it is linked to my name and I want to remain anonymous.
>>801 Based gram anon. The pepe on the screen one is quite good. You could def get that one passed around as a rare. The wizard on the hill overlooking the city is also decent. Keep it up.
Nice. I write myself actually. If you want I can write something for you, though it's just a hobby and I probably suck.
>>801 Please put your art where robots will actually enjoy it. Instagram is a normified dumpster fire that belongs to the lizard man. Maybe consider building your own site like >>814 said or find some other site like DeviantArt, Newgrounds or Weasyl.
>>801 I like your stuff. Personally, I do a bit of writing (check your DM homie). >I find it quite comfy to do at night Based. Nighttime is my favorite time to write. Something about the comfy, quiet vibe makes it easy to focus.
>>968 You'd be surprised how much non-normies you'd find. It's practically an ecosystem in itself: boardgram. Politigram (plenty of wignats, suprisingly) and boardgram come to mind.
>>801 Ik i have really shit taste in art, but it looks good op, keep going
>>1027 Instagram is a heavily censored platform that profits off of mass surveillance. I can't see why anyone would use it, let alone a non-normie. And since non-normies are repelled from the platform it becomes even worse. Escape while you can.


no cookies?