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(261.28 KB 2518x1024 qdwqbolpr8l11.png)
Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 14:09:29 No. 86
Why are western men so weak and feminised? What went wrong? You had everything going well, and just randomly decided to fuck it up
I'll take a stab at this:
1. Feminism has largely 'challenged' masculinity and displaced men in the workforce - allowing women in the workforce doubled the amount of people in the workforce which meant that male labor was challenged and less valued.
2. Feminists funded by wealthy (((merchant))) philanthropists pushed social movements to attack masculinity
3. Tolerance of faggotry and weakness of men
4. More self awareness of the world because of the internet
>They listenend to women
>they stopped lifting weights
>fell for the media indoctrination aka the "plan"
>no good rolemodels at home or in society in these modern times.
>Became too cozy and this lead to docile sheep.
>stopped lifting weights
nigger nobody lifted weights until 60s and i'm willing to bet lifting has never been as popular as today. being a metrosexual obsessed with appearance isn't manly though.
t. someone who lifts
Simple way to fix this. Mandatory military service
> High estrogen environment
> Growing up with females
> No Psychical activity
> Dysgenic breeding
Time out instead of a beating from the oldman.
Trophys for everyone.
Allowing the boys to act like pussys.
Letting them stay at home playing games instead of working outside in the weather being taught by tough mother fuckers that wouldnt give a fuck about your feelings.
also government outlawing everything fun.
>jews imported slaves ~1600-1800
>civil war allowed niggers to escape containment zone- 1860s
>not sending the niggers home immediately after civil war - 1870s
>italian immigration (anarchists/socialist southrons+jews), c.f. Pelosi, Schumer - 1880s
>'eastern european' immigration (aka 80% jews) - 1880s
>jews begin control of mass media - 1890-1910s
>creation of federal reserve - 1913
>drawn into a european war - 1917
>female suffrage - 1919
>FDR new deal - 1933

it's been building for a long time. it's not something that happened overnight
(469.92 KB 1306x555 iodinecap.png)
I would say it's a lack of a proper diet. Like, with iodine in it.
Who invited the bootlicking Jew boomer? Every person I know had the shit kicked out of them by their psychopath boomer parents and all that did was redpill them on how much of a kike you are. That’s the real reason that men aren’t “masculine”. Also masculine is just a made up word that you use to try to bring down others, the truth is everyone can do whatever they want and that’s what they do. People like you who submit to some status quo norm like a lemming retard are actually the real cucks. You are also a fucking faggot who spends their time obsessesing over the MALE RATING of fucking men. You are just like the pedo nazi (((germans))) who accomplished nothing but getting millions murdered and advancing Jewish goals who go omg we need more blonde haired men omg blonde men are so nice I love their thick arms omg xd. Your post is one of the most low iq low effort (ironically your highest effort) things I’ve ever seen, because it’s now been ten years of you repeating the same caveman argument instead of nine, and that extra year of still not being able to evolve your perspective amplifies your retardation level.

This entire kike world is a pyramid scheme , a prison where every thought and action is monitored by pedo kikes like you 24/7. It’s eternal suffering , and you are here shilling On behalf of people submitting to kikes because you are a jew. You are a parasite who completely relies on other people for everything so you desperately try to demoralize people so they keep doing your work for you. You do this by telling your slaves how they don’t do everything for themselves like you, while they are literally doing all your work. You are using an ancient (aka outdated) propaganda technique to both lower morale and convince yourself that you aren’t a useless parasite yid, aka projection.

Literally kill yourself. You’ve had an entire lifetime to come up with one creative thought, one groundbreaking idea outside of the npc hive mind, one thing that isn’t just some cookie cutter parroting of your handlers brainwashing, and you failed. Kill yourself.
education, being too comfy, laziness and violence being severely punished among other things
iodine is no meme
enjoy your krokodil injection ivan, i don't think blasting your brain into goo with vodka means your an alpha male chad
Lol no it's because you boomers did nothing except help sell us out to Jews.
>we are sold out

Ok, then. Apart from having your own gym set (and never paying off a gym, like so easily) and using it as much as your energy allows you to...

what do you exactly ask from the world?

Just share your things, share your power level without anyone knowing who has it. Share the black/redpill.

You never know who could take it for good and do something useful with it... but if you all remain silent while moaning at the internet things will only go worse and worse.

Don't waste you karma, robots.
Ba pulă ce naiba ai zis de limba mea? Vreau să-ți spun că am absolvit primul la mine în clasă la focile albastre și că am fist implicat în numeroase atacuri secrete asupra PSD-ului, și că am omorât peste 300 de politicieni. Sunt proficient în luptele cu gorile și sunt celai bun lunetist din întreaga armată Română
(267.06 KB 800x565 1244214122444.jpg)
Truly an Alpha Male posting anonymously to the internet, calling others "Soyboys."
Men arent valued at all. They are all suckers for women
>>714 I'm certainly not. They will be suckers for me or nothing at all.
>>548 To be fair tho there is a lot of harmful chemicals all around us as a result of modernisation.
>>228 enduring a crappy useless fanatic role under the command of someone who tries to make you hate them even more.
Porn and video games, simple as
>>86 The state has a total monopoly on violence. You can't even spank your own child. This was the beginning of the end. Then this >>897 finished us off.


no cookies?