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Quitting the internet if you actually need it Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 18:18:07 No. 152
So I've been thinking about quitting the internet for a long time, problem is I actually need the internet a lot because I'm in a CS-related course at university. I think the internet fucks with our dopamine big time and lots of anons binge on media via imageboards, youtube, and games. I have no idea how to only limit my web usage to useful info for school, literature, and contacting friends and family, but moreso how to explain to my friends why I don't want to play vidya with them anymore. I'd love to do everything with paper but I obviously can't program on paper, getting up to date paper books is hard and expensive and I can't afford an e-reader either. Fixing my dopamine receptors and quitting the internet seems like such an important redpill, but it's so damn hard to swollow.
So I'm looking for advice, should I continue to use Discord/Whatsapp to talk to friends, how should I go about restricting my internet usage without slipping into bingebrowsing imageboards and youtube? How do I explain this to my friends without sounding like a complete schizo? Also a big list of good reads I can download would be greatly appreciated
Have nothing but my opinion OP.
I met a guy that wanted to stop his porn addiction. He said he put like a nanny program on his system that blocked all things pornographic said it had helped him as it took away the initial urge to click and masturbate. Good luck fight the good fight for it is a righteous cause. Continue to self evaluate, you can do anything you put your mind to.

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