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true form of Baphomet? Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 17:00:17 No. 157
i need to know the original form of Baphomet as was worshipped over a 1000 years ago before it became falsely associated with that stupid goat headed pentagram image. I need to figure this out within the next 4 to 6 hours. Can anyone give me a clue?
(3.52 MB 2012x1484 Chaos_Monster_and_Sun_God.png)
If one was be believe, it is that the deitie(s) created us in their image, that or their form was so unimaginable mans form was the only suitable answer

pic is first known god of 10's of 1000's
(btw out of 10000 gods, why believe in that One?)>>157
"Baphomet" the name is based off a desert peasant deity that predates islam that was used in the conjunction of local islamic worship practices, So baphomet isn't even the correct name that was a bastardization of the name muhammad when said in French. So Baphomet doesn't exist prior to this and was never actually worshiped as baphomet.They were worshiping muhammad with pagan rituals hence the goat and not a pig, chicken or cow.

So in all accounts since Baphomet was made up rather recently in this century by edgy jews and degenerates as a fuck you to Christianity and European social order, so that is what Baphomets looks like. Another step further is the depicted Baphomet is suppose to be male and female in more detailed accounts.

So quite frankly its all made up from bad historical knowledge of retarded leftist jews that wanted a degenerate religion to not feel guilt.

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