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(14.67 KB 320x289 8h92r2qi4ii31[1].jpg)
Trans Thread Anonymous 11/06/2019 (Wed) 18:56:45 No. 179
Anyone got the stuff on post surgery regrets and rotten wound smells and stuff like that? Some redpills on hormone therapy would also be nice because we can't let that escape under us since I am almost certain it has got to be harmful.

Maybe also some redpills on plastic surgery like how breast implants may affect the health of the body through material bio incompatibility/toxicity.
I have picrel.
IAmJazz regret screens anyone?
> it's always dirty, smells like shit (well, it smells like normal female genitalia)


Jesus Christ, imagine chopping your own dick off. What a bunch of mentally retarded faggots.
It does seem as though an eternal creator non government entity and non person/human entity assigned you gender at birth but also created free will so you might want to think things through with these types of disgusting nazi social experiments before you go losing your organs. Sex is a beautiful thing meant for Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Eve and Teeve.
(134.28 KB 658x642 hitler-surrounded-by-women.jpg)
> nazi social experiments
wow, epic boomer post. I guess you also thing 6 million kikes were gassed.

I suggest you educate yourself more about Hitler's National Socialist movement and learn to separate fact from Jewish propaganda before posting cringe like this and embarrassing yourself.
phonefag alert. phonefag alert. worse than a windtard. phonefag alert.

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