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(1.09 MB 2362x4198 uu46rvm6vmm31.jpg)
Women Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 20:00:52 No. 2
Post your best red pills about women.

I'll dump mine later if you faggots don't post yours.
(940.45 KB 1000x3000 1514913828788.jpg)
(2.63 MB 4336x1588 1514914408048.jpg)
(652.63 KB 780x927 1514922704042.png)
(236.84 KB 416x454 duff glock.png)
(1.63 MB 1267x1980 1521193881894.jpg)
(193.02 KB 768x1018 1549660133233.jpg)
(93.17 KB 960x912 1521196151796.jpg)
(245.92 KB 276x395 130.png)

Is there like... something wrong with your generation where you're born impotent? Seriously, this whole "prude revival" shit is just... fuckin bizarre as hell.

And you don't just see it on one side of the crazy fence either, I mean you see from the little white power rangers and you see it from the alphabet people.

It's this sort of pervasive FEAR of sex ingrained into them on a fundamental level. Science really should be looking into this shit, especially given the drastic decline in domestic population growth.
(49.38 KB 657x480 enlightened-coomer.jpg)
>acknowleges decline in 'domestic' aka human population growth
>can't understand why we won't clap for his cummyposts

>assumes it's concerning to me

Sorry kiddo, I find it interesting and worthy of study, but on a personal level... honestly, your entire species could be wiped off the face of reality itself and I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.

Your very nature is self-destruction, it is literally ingrained into your base code. Destruction breeds creation and all like that fun stuff!

...don't question the work of Gods!

...or was it works of God... well one of those!

...srsly tho, don't ever question a God, because if you're not careful, you might wind up being made into one...


...do fictional women getting "red pilled" count?
something wrong with your generation where you're born impotent?
I agree with this anon

The boomers: Make love not war
My generation: We are great at both
New, diverse generation: We're really bad at both
(255.88 KB 350x524 New rape whistle - small.png)
Just the alphabit kids though.

The 3 of my kids who are adults all have had military service and are quite aggressive. They also had very active social lives in college. The married one has a hot, blonde blue-eyed wife and their setting up the house for kids.

Maybe there is some hope for the white race after all.

Well, if all else fails there's the Mormons! I've got like 12 cousins all from the exact same Mormon family and most of them are already on their 4th or 5th kid!

Mormons breed like rabbits!
(46.28 KB 668x918 coomer.png)
(409.81 KB 1288x1812 nofap cultist btfo.png)
From experience,
Women are more like herd thinkers. They are more "agreeable", which means they are more likely to attempt to have a secure place in the tribe rather than lead it. If an opinion is popular, it had extra value for them. Without trying, they value approval of the group, as this means that they and their offspring with be secure in the tribe, so opinions that are ecoed many times have more value. They can think individually, but the herd thinking comes more automatically. They also, similarly, have best friends and set groups and blend into them- they like security.
This shows that they are to be guided, and not leading. Furthermore, women are less emotionally flat than men, so decision making is compromised.
However- women are great communicators and like interaction, hence why they often select care oriented careers like nursing and psychology. Although they are a little more childlike, motherhood elevates a woman as nature shows, time and time again, that mothers self sacrifice. They are fiercely loyal to their children in many cases.
Women can be irresponsible and poor decision makers, but there's potential more often than not. Women need leaders and love. If not reprimanded by withdrawal of attention (attention reassures a woman, and tells her she has value in the group), she may make poor decisions, not be as attracted, and behave poorly. If not loved, she grows insecure, she act out, cry for attention or become sadenned.
If they anger you
Remember that they are testing you when they are being petty- when they cross the line, ask for favours, act rudely, they are testing to see how you respond- are you a leader, who can respond and not be affected/bothered? Or are you weak, not affirming your status or being affected.
Women need to realize that they have primal influences, such as tribe thinking, shit testing, etc. It's all biological. If they can understand it, they can better correct it, and let the spirit and will have more influence than the flesh.
Don't ask her what she is like- Ask her best friend. Women are more open about their nature around other women, it is less vulnerable.
Don't hate women, understand them.

Real women would sacrifice freedom for peace.

Real men do not believe you should EVER sacrifice freedom for peace.

That's how you can tell the difference between a REAL woman or a REAL man and all the FAKES walking around.
I never thought of that but it makes sense. Men are individualistic. Neither are wrong, but they both have their places
>Real women would sacrifice freedom for peace.

Peace in this case meaning security.

That being said:
Si vis pacem, para bellum!
Here's your red pill
Women are instinctively less lustful than men in order to mate with only the best male, and studies have shown that they actually enjoy shopping more than sex.
>b-but women are sluts
Because of feminist propaganda yes, which has resulted in hirer rates of depression in women than ever before.
Men on the other hand, are instinctively lustful in order to spred their seed to as many females as possible, men are sluts on a genetic level
No hymen, no diamond.
If she ever chose another guy she chose someone that isn't you so you need to move on.
You can't be the "next in line", you can only be the one.
Sex is sexual reproduction, sex will inevitably produce children, it also produces various reactions that promote the safety of those children including pair-bonding. The more past sexual partner she had the less able she is to pair-bond, even one is too many.
You should choose your wife as if you were your own child, would you want this person as a mother? Would you want someone who did the act of making children with someone she did not want to make children with? Do you want as a mother someone who would go a and kill her own child so that it doesn't interfere with her hypergamy?
Once a man has bonded with a girl he will no longer lust after other women.
Lusting after all women is the pre-marital stage, it will also happen in men that had a lot of previous sexual partners, it puts them in r-selection mode instead of K-selection mode (they act like rabbits instead of wolves).
It's not widely known, I assume it's a truth that is inconvenient to feminism and (((that))) kind of mgtow, but you can often see men obsessing over one woman, be it an actress or a singer. That reaction is supposed to happen to the woman you do the act of making children with, she then becomes the sole object of your sexual desires and other women become boring to you.
Are you finally feeling some duly shame dude?

I have no fear of what offends you, human.
Shame is a normal thing to feel, are you trying to dehumanize yourself by superfluously calling me "human" as if you are not one yourself so you can feel less shame?

I recognize that my lack of fear over what offends you has made you overly indignant and flustered. Please, continue to amuse me with your flailing infuriation, you hilariously shaved dancing weasel!
best post here. thanks for sharing your understanding anon.

Awareness of one's self makes humanity great. I want to see more of this interconnected thinking.
Idk who I'm going to hate more, you or the ((new fuhrer)) kid. Probably the Fuhrer kid but fucking hell mate.
(713.00 B 24x24 Wanker.gif)

Well I'm just glad that ~one~ of us cares.
All women are whores. Some just play long con with you.
Where are you getting "indignant and flustered" from? And "flailing infuriation"? Do you have a quote? Are you a mind reader?
No the most probable cause is that you yourself feel those things and now you try to affect me with them because they are the first things on your mind.
I'm merely asking questions and you go full projection, are you part of the Chosen Tribe by any chances?

No I'm just eight shades of ass blistering reality coupled with a few sharp bitch slaps of hard, biting, cynical sarcasm.

My words aren't a dick though, so try not to take them so hard, you insufferable faggot child.
I'm tired of all these feminist retards in my uni. Constant talking shit and excusing any male advantage with retarded victimhood rhetoric. The niggers of gender.
>Need help

Told my girl to shut the fuck up and sit down over something I didnt like.

Now she is ignoring my messages and deleted me from social media.

>what do?

Ask her if she's leaving you or if she want's "daddy" (you) to give her a good spanking and some "corner time".

I mean either she's dumping you, or she's looking for some measure of authority/boundaries and since she's "all growed up" and not living at home any more... well, that's you, bub... you're "daddy"... start acting like it! If that bitch needs a spanking, put her over your knee and put her in her place.

Alternatively I would suggest gifting her with a cat... and if she gets another boyfriend and then breaks up with him... gift her with another cat... and another, and another, and another... one for every breakup... and don't stop... ever. ^__^
this tbh, minus the cats. Cats are not redpilled.

>carry disgusting parasites
>decimate local bird populations
>Muslims like them

Always kill a cat if you can get away with it. Do not torture it, simply end its life. Maybe by drowning.
>t. Linkola

I like cats because they're nature's perfect killing machine... I mean they sleep like 80% of the day while having the highest overall successful kill ratio of any other mammal on earth.

They're also highly adaptive, like how their meows are on the exact same tonal frequency as a human baby, in order to specifically lure humans into treating them like little fuzzy Gods... they are the true master species of all God's critters!

What do you mean by looking for some measure of authority?

She wants me to give her more shit?

Well, no, if it's YOU that's giving ~her~ shit and acting like a spoiled little princess bitch... then you should probably tell her that you're the one in need of a spanking and some corner time... or, you know, a big strap-on and a butt fuck while she rides you raw... whatever yer into.
Seeing that punch never gets old.

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