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(231.00 KB 900x812 1568159644567.jpg)
Red pills about race Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 18:06:37 No. 29
All red pills.
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(1.16 MB 1384x1960 1568840258873.png)
(122.93 KB 574x457 1567196227400.png)
(169.66 KB 1024x953 1566167480246.jpg)
This was the most important one for me. - the fact that class/income/SES (whatever you want to call it) does not explain the crime rate. I grew up hating the stinky hondurans I was surrounded by, but managed to convince myself it was just class, so I wasn't 'racist'. Seeing the real stats about race and IQ and race and crime even after correcting for income is what did it for me.
(45.87 KB 791x520 iq5.jpg)
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(964.12 KB 1120x2499 Alleles.png)
(352.69 KB 1023x561 Atrocity_propaganda.jpg)
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(3.56 MB 537x8821 Race_real.png)

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