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(99.45 KB 333x250 Actor_Ozai.png)
NOFAP & BENEFITS Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 00:15:22 No. 59
This if for the nofaps and the benefits, post em
(400.23 KB 1336x1980 testosterone and nofap info.png)
good start
(745.12 KB 628x1712 1511881653669.png)
(246.45 KB 1120x487 1513080783945.jpg)
(131.77 KB 1032x608 1513082141701.png)
(101.47 KB 751x370 1513082711219.png)
there's a reason porn is banned in Israel yet broadcast for free to Palestinians...and Americans. Your overlords want you weak and unmotivated to do anything about your genocide.
Damn I miss 8chan, there used to be a whole bunch of these stuff there
Too bad its not coming back, especially as we know it. It's supposedly only going to appeal to the whole QAnon groups. I'm really hoping this takes off.
I think there are two components to nofap, there are effects of semen loss and effects of orgasm.

To me, semen loss is the clear physical harm, you can feel your brain becomes foggy, might forget things, heart beats harder, lose strength for exercise, you have to eat some protein to make up for the loss, can get stomach pains from digesting to create semen, and so on.

I have doubts porn is really that physically harmful, because it is indistinguishable from looking at an actual wife you marry, but it will likely have psychological negative effects of shame and guilt.

As for orgasms themselves, they seem possible without losing semen or with minimal loss and if hypothetically you lost no semen, these might be physically healthy (but again susceptible to the problem of psychological and spiritual loss). It might reduce tension which would have been used creatively or overload your brain's chemistry.

I'm ultimately attempting nofap and noporn for spiritual reasons and retaining semen feels like a clear and obvious physically beneficial action so that's something to avoid even during relapses.
I wish you the best of luck, anon.
You will be happy with the results.
(58.66 KB 561x402 0.png)
(86.10 KB 575x595 1.png)
(79.35 KB 705x460 2.png)
(28.37 KB 586x262 3.png)
(30.88 KB 729x281 good speech.png)
some good info
(76.56 KB 728x430 HGS.png)
(124.37 KB 500x633 porncuck.jpg)
(65.74 KB 1325x209 why the hate for nofap.jpg)
/r/ing the amazing effort post that describes how watching straight porn can make you a fag because of all the cock close-ups
I hope these books may help you to understand how much necessary could it be, to "save your mana".
Bumping good thread.

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