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Forbidden & Suppressed Technology Thread Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 01:07:10 No. 64
I wish I fully understood these.

Post what you have and lets discuss.
(389.99 KB 2048x1619 1565583019859.jpg)
(459.89 KB 2048x1644 1565583039940.jpg)
(534.96 KB 2048x1624 1565583060231.jpg)
(540.56 KB 2048x1692 1565583101749.jpg)
(515.12 KB 2048x1680 1565583132402.jpg)
(77.25 KB 1505x2322 neokab1-large.gif)
(99.28 KB 1523x2251 neokab2-large.gif)
(101.59 KB 1494x2317 neokab3-large.gif)
(129.14 KB 1514x2328 neokab4-large.gif)
(330.51 KB 1200x1838 neokab5-large.gif)
here are some kabballah scribbles - no idea what it means, but have never seen these images shared anywhere else.
help me understand this.
Also see >>>/pol/12769
(23.63 KB 480x360 toroid skin.jpg)
(110.69 KB 650x670 toroid_color.jpg)
(79.40 KB 550x510 VBM-image011.jpg)
(127.01 KB 550x543 VBM-polarization.jpg)
(202.13 KB 550x717 VBM-Scot_Number_Map_Diagram2.jpg)
(150.07 KB 1280x720 vlcsnap-2016-02-01-11h34m39s71.png)
(50.12 KB 494x477 vortex cartesian.jpg)
(471.74 KB 2252x2252 vortex single path 2d.jpg)
(7.93 KB 236x174 vortex single path.jpg)
(26.36 KB 412x392 vortex_in_vortex_out.gif)
(3.75 KB 250x163 Yin_Yang.gif)
(53.91 KB 370x247 1425952328191.jpg)
(39.42 KB 450x231 1437570917671-1.jpg)
(49.58 KB 715x715 1450191284573-3.gif)
(852.82 KB 300x300 128_19_04_09_6_57_11.gif)
(85.51 KB 800x568 POS0007-A2-orbitron-2010.jpg)
(10.55 KB 415x680 SCIENCE!.png)
Reminds me of Walter Russell's work.

I saved a few things from my last research spree on him. I was always intrigued by his spiral-octave periodic table of elements.
(27.67 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
(12.94 KB 237x213 images.jpg)
(75.12 KB 855x600 Russell_078.gif)
(78.52 KB 517x496 gravity6.jpg)
(28.74 KB 480x360 hqdefault (1).jpg)
(28.81 KB 480x360 hqdefault (2).jpg)
(23.39 KB 480x360 hqdefault (6).jpg)
(163.79 KB 549x435 BarMagnetlabeledcopy.jpg)
(644.52 KB 1024x1374 Element-Octaves.jpg)
(80.63 KB 645x306 Fig67b.jpg)
(17.45 KB 480x360 hqdefault (5).jpg)
(182.28 KB 550x471 1copy.JPG)
(53.95 KB 550x439 87.jpg)
(52.15 KB 465x410 176.jpg)
(31.50 KB 300x401 35410.jpg)
of course he burned his writings being a jew.
Invisibility, anti gravity, free energy, physical soul body transferance. All operational. 2019.
and don't forget antigravity and speed of light transportation.
not so sure about soul transferrance.
Fractal Metamaterial Antennas and Resistence to New Ideas
>Dr. Nathan Cohen presents at the 2014 MIT Cold Fusion / LANR Colloquium which I attended on March 21-23, here in Boston.

Touches on many facinating things, bending light waves over a surface, invisibility, multiple types of fusion, cold, latice assisted, & crystalic, the hyper effciency of fractal antennas, and other highly 'anomalous' (to classical physics) yet repeatably demonstrated and highly useful effects and the resistence to paradigm change.

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