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(385.63 KB 710x924 1568672590942.jpg)
DELET THIS Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 06:25:35 No. 58
Talmudvision is gross and has nothing to offer our people. The lack of interest from the 'bleeding edge' types currently on the site seems to confirm this - television watchers are followers, not leaders.

I nominate that this board be torn down and replaced with some sort of /diy/, /sci/, /biz/, etc positive contribution board. If you wish to keep 'this' board culture-based, I posit that /lit/ , /art/ , or even /mu/ would be a genuine improvement.

Are television watchers really the kind of people you want to feel welcome on this site?
Everyone should check out this YT channel, LXXXVIII finis temporis, for reasons explained below:

I agree for the most part. But tear the board down? That's not necessary... Some normal discussion is bound to happen, and is entertaining to read (since Anons aren't braindead wastes like plebbitfags).

Instead, I say we re-purpose the board for decoding occult cryptology, demoralization propaganda, and predictive programming. Kabbalist and Luciferian symbolism are EVERYWHERE in film, tv shows, anime, manga, music, and videogames.

IMO you can't have real political discussion without conspiracy discussion, and you can't have decent conspiracy discussion without occult discussion. 16chan is a political website at heart, no? So what better place for us to observe and discuss the political/conspiratorial/occult aspects of the usual entertainment subjects; lest we be merely another redundant copy of halfchan and its offshoots.

They Live, the Truman Show, the Matrix, are all movies that strongly fit the theme of this site and the subject of this board. But the occult, predictive programming, and demoralization propaganda exist in ALL entertainment, so we are not limited to those films by any means.

Here's an example of the film Get Out:

He doesn't explicitly breakdown the deeper meanings for you, so much as he just shows you the references and frequent patterns. All of these movies use the same, highly consistent, highly frequent, set of symbolic patterns. You can find the same patterns in virtually every movie he has a video about, and probably most movies in general.

There are probably channels that do more elaborate breakdowns, which I encourage people to share. If we knew about this in the 90s, we probably could have prevented 9/11, or at least called it out for what it was.

In any case, there is massive room for discussion. I actually created a thread on this subject on /pol/ and got 300 replies within a few hours. There is lots to discuss, and it is certainly far more important than vapid waifuposting and racebaiting.

Though at least racebaiting in film can be considered demoralization propaganda, which potentially makes for deep discussion.
Also I would keep the board for your related pic in the OP. That alone makes for deep, intense discussion. To think, 4/tv/ gets so much traffic, and yet the blind brainwashed simpletons RARELY discuss the true nature of the medium as your pic displays.

Discussion is typically guided to be vapid on purpose; it does not have to be that way.
For fuck sakes I can't wrap my head around you fucks calling for outright bans and/or censorship of shit you dont agree with. You came HERE to have a free platform. Im not saying you have to put up with shills, slides, bait, and trigger posting, but give anons places they can go. If you want a DIY board request it, BO has been very accommodating IMO and post there. If some nigger comes by and starts shitting all over your board request that niggers get a board to post their blacked threads on. Not to say all speech should be segregated, as occasionally topics can be related, but having some rules of the road helps us all get along better

Fine points
During first few days of 16 BO had mentioned getting rid of, simply because no was using it. That seem valid reason for removing a board. After thinking about, and visiting 4/tv for first time. I could see a use for the board and why there could be a need for more sub catagories in the genre. Without a lot of traffic for now one main TV board is fine and likely threads can be used for topics you have outlined


>TL;DR 16chan is a FREE SPEECH board
>this is a FREE SPEECH board

Posting visual propaganda made by others hardly counts as "speech", in a broader sense. A "webm meme creation" board or similar would be a great improvement as that would note that the expectation is for the viewer to contribute their own novel content.This board's current raison d'être is passive culture for passive people. Open mouthed eaters looking for content to put in the content hole. The only 'discussion' you find among hollywood content masticators is which particular brand of grass they want to chew next. Screencap this post. Remember it well when this place turns into the next cunnysneed tumblr.

You get the userbase you cater to.
>Posting visual propaganda made by others hardly counts as "speech"
Not sure what ya mean by broader sense, but pretty sure I strongly disagree with the premise.
Just because I am not the OC of meme or vid, doesn't imply I can't agree with it's message, or use it, even edit it to send a new message of my own.

A board dedicated to OC is a great idea, but would be very small as most people do not have the time, skill, or creativity to make their own content. They sift through hours of vids and gigs of memes, discarding most and latch on to those few that speak to them. And due to the very nature of ideas and memes, you would quickly find many could and will lay claim to OC as their idea first or stolen from someone else.

Even the ideas of ideas are not original as you might think. Nearly all original creations are merely copies and transformations and combinations of earlier ideas "Everything is a Remix" If you have never seen this please watch

It pertains mostly to movies and music, but the remastered version here even touches on memes as we know them now
If you dont feel like a 40min video at this time then just skip to 20:45 to see examples ideas not being wholly original, or
22:45, that illustrates my point of memes being re-invented

>“I invented nothing new. I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom were centuries of work. Had I worked fifty or ten or even five years before, I would have failed. So it is with every new thing. Progress happens when all the factors that make for it are ready, and then it is inevitable. To teach that a comparatively few men are responsible for the greatest forward steps of mankind is the worst sort of nonsense." ― Henry Ford

If /tv/ ever really takes off, I think some threads of remixing will be a great addition
Look up the YouTuber Blackpilled. He literally does just that and does all but name the Jew. He has analyzed a ton of movies.
I know him

Also Bump
You decided to come to this board. You are also a massive faggot. kys
OP it seems like TV is mostly just used as a vague terms for shows and movies in general no matter if it's cable or not. And yes I recognize that even outside of cable a lot is still pretty kosher. Electricity in general is used to promote Jews and sell-outs more than anything at this point.
He's a fag fuck that.

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