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Overrated classic movies Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 07:49:20 No. 77
In memoriam of 8/tv/ let's talk about classic movies or series of movies that critics just can't seem to stop gushing about and if you say you disagree with them on their merits then they will say you are an idiot who don't understand the art of cinema. I'll start with pic related, an overly ambitious adaptation project of a 6-volume novel series that ran for nearly 10 hours and is split into 3 arcs. I know LotR did this too but that was an epic (as in the noun, not the adjective) which would equally appeal to normalfags and neckbeards so of course the trilogy's scale can be justified. On the other hand THC is pretty much full of left leaning political wankery trying to disguise itself as a centrist piece by subtly mocking Chinese and Russian commies but constantly demonizing the IJA and even its regular Japanese soldiers as muh totalitarian fascist monsters. It also tries to romanticize anti-war cuckery via the main character, only redeemed by Tatsuya Nakadai's excellent performance as the main cuck in question, I honestly hated his fucking guts throughout the trilogy. Not only is he a massive hypocrite, he is shown to be also painfully naive, which is probably fitting with his characterization as a socialist and pacifist; although I can't help but feel a bit sad when he finally died alone in the end. Especially because just before he died, he eventually realized that his pacifism has consistently brought him nothing but more misfortune, and he even renounced his leftist bullshit after getting repeatedly BTFO by the commies he loved so much.

The cinematography however is excellent and it is 100% classic Japanese kinomaking, so I guess it is a technically superior series of flicks with an unfortunate variant of masturbative social commentary as its main content. If you look at it as a piece of human drama alone I guess you could also say it's great, but it's obvious that the makers and the ones who shilled this movie and its director were part of the very first Nip hippies.

>inb4 effortposting on 16/tv/
(412.36 KB 2048x1471 film-seal.jpeg)
In all honesty... I think the Seventh Seal is extremely overrated (especially out of Bargeman's whole filmography). Wild Strawberries and Persona (my personal favorite) is significantly better. Perhaps it's one of those films that needs like 3+ viewings and a deep philosophical analysis before understanding it but I just don't have the patience for that.

Not exactly a classic, but I think Gangs of New York is the most overrated Scorsese movie and falls short of just about every film he's ever made.

Both The Seventh Seal and Gangs of New York are still superb films but they fall short of the other films in the directors filmographys. Great thread op, looking forward to others opinions.
do you guys the 7 samurai is overrated? i started to watch it but then i stopped because everything was in Japanese with no subtitles lol.

Download this Anon, get an english srt file and watch it with subtitles lol. Use VLC or a similar video player. 7 Samurai is a must watch, amazing film.
The pacing is a bit too slow in my opinion and I also think Shimura was too laid back in his role while Mifune hamfisted it too much, but that is to be expected from a man who made a career out of hamfisting. I much prefer Yojimbo especially because Nakadai was more prominently featured there.

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