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(1.68 MB 2764x4096 joker cover.jpg)
Joker Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 02:14:58 No. 96
I liked it
(5.27 MB 1280x720 my_eternal_mood.mp4)
I agree. It was kino.
Also, do your think that he killed the negress and her niglet? The finger-gun to his head at her and then the cut to the next scene with ominous music makes me think that he did.
one can only hope
4k magnet / torrent?
kike spotted.
(537.69 KB 750x938 1571708046648.jpg)
avoid this bs. pic very much related.
how do the spoiler block?
(160.77 KB 727x1024 DUtAoswVwAAcfEa.jpg)
(86.99 KB 736x598 1570917095319.jpg)
It was a meh/ 10. The movie's portrayal about giving in to nihilism and senseless acts of violence & destruction was pretty dumb, then again it's Hollywood.

Pro tip: anarchy is senseless and destructive that achieves nothing but negatively impacts those who are disenfranchised, BUT focused political organizing and activism to achieve meaningful & worthwhile goals that benefit society at large THAT's what the ruling class/ the powers that be would absolutely hate.
read the site info
Exactly random violence doesn't solve anything (same with Nol Joker.) The infrastructure is the main problem.
But violence is not to be ruled out, just needs to be accurate.
ok joomer

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