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(33.56 KB 640x360 640px-PSP-2000.jpg)
PSP Thread Anonymous 02/02/2020 (Sun) 06:48:41 No. 441 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to the Playstation Portable, also known as the PSP.
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bump for the best handhold console ever
I've been playing a little bit of Crash Bandicoot - Crash of the Titans. It's piss easy and sort of mindless but pretty fun so far. Run around on the back of some big monkeys or triceratops or whatever and bitchslap scientists while collecting gems. makes for alright little 5 minute bursts here and there.
playan on mah 100x, ghosting is very visible as in i get a headache after 5 mins of playan not visible in games running on engines similar to mh f1/2/u/3rd or mgs pw ones 1000 bros, lets talk about the screen of the best model, colors and brightness aside
>>638 see >>442 The best screen is the PSP Go if you're okay with the smaller size (3.8 vs 4.3) and you don't mind paying out the ass for one. Very bright, no ghosting, no artifacts. The next best is the 3000 since it doesn't ghost much at all but the interlaced update is very distracting in its own way. 2000 is decently bright and has no weird update artifacts but it ghosts like hell. Very slow pixel transitions from dark-to-light. Cars in Gran Turismo look like they're dragging around big ghost wheels. I've never owned a 1000 myself so I can only tell you about the three models above. I have heard people discuss that there were three different models of screens in the 1000 series though, with some supposedly better than others. There are pdf spec sheets floating around on the internet if you can track down the specific panel numbers. t. lcd man
>>639 thanks

(10.04 KB 480x360 G Edward Griffin.jpg)
Any gaming platform that isn't leftist? Anonymous 08/11/2020 (Tue) 20:59:03 No. 640 [Reply] [Last]
Steam is moderated by communists and jews GOG is moderated by leftists and make tranny games now And as far as I know, every other platform (Epic, EA, Activision, etc) has pledged allegiance to communist mob groups (BLM) Is there anywhere that I can just play games and be left alone? That I can use their official forums and not see leftists/communists spewing their rhetoric while anyone who dissents is banned?
>>640 GOG is still your best bet. They're a Polish company and Poland is one of the last bastions of anti-LGBT stuff in government. Even if some of the money goes to bad actors, having a decent chunk of it being put into the Polish economy is a positive. Nintendo is still decent, but of course their Nintendo of America branch is the worst about "progressive" stuff. Steam is still run by Gabe Newell who is good I believe. Of course it has bad actors within it, but it's not corrupted entirely. Of course you can always just pirate your games and only pay the developers that you trust. If you ever need a place to discuss games or how progressive stuff is I suggest going here: https://kotakuinaction2.win/
buy games from gog and download the offline installers. that or just pirate them, pretty much every game available on gog can be easily pirated. then back up those offline installers to a NAS + burn a DVD or something. then just post about the games here. >wanting to use the official forums >playing any game released after 2004, 2008 at the very latest >playing any form of online multiplayer no point

(15.18 KB 500x500 gog icon.png)
Giving Up Gaming; Selling GOG Games at 50%-75% Sale Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 21:25:44 No. 622 [Reply] [Last]
I'm giving up gaming as a hobby and am moving on with my life. GOG has agreed to let me trade my library in to them for credit. I want to use this credit to buy games for ya'll. Find a game, any price, and I'll buy it for you in full using the credit in exchange for only half or a quarter of the price being repaid in crypto. We can barter on it. Email me at gator milk books at proton mail dot com. Reply in the thread or message for questions. Also selling physical games at request.
By the way, it's in the title on my name "Anonymous," but email me at gator milk books at proton mail dot com if you are interested.
>>623 Those niggers renegged, NVM going IPFS
>>622 What are you gonna do when you aren't gaming now?

(52.87 KB 570x428 SwitchGeneral.jpg)
Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 11:00:07 No. 48 [Reply] [Last]
Switch General

Should I get Botw or Astral Chain?

Or Xeno 2?
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Other reviews: >Animal Crossing Renders the world as a stupid cylinder. Completely destroys the immersion for me. Would have rather they just straight ported over the Gamecube version. Glad I didn't pay money for it. >Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening - Seems alright. Wish there were options to disable/tone down some of the bokeh/toy-like rendering, feels a little excessive at times. I am a big fan of the original and play it every couple of years. Not sure if I'll do another playthrough on here or stick to to the original hardware. The game itself is great, just not sure if I want to play with the SOUL or NO SOUL graphics. >Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Warriors Got bored after 10 minutes. Cool soundtrack though. Might be fun for an hour or so with a friend. >Fire Emblem Seems alright. Wish you could turn off the stupid avatar markers over the characters, maybe there's a setting I haven't found. Tons of storyline crap but it's all skippable. Will put some more time into this and probably update later. >The Witcher 3 - Got bored after 10 minutes. Apparently it's a cool game but the olden-times settings don't appeal to me and trying to platform at 30fps on a little 7" screen doesn't appeal to me much either. If I decide to play this game it will probably be at 1080p/60+ on PC and even then I expect it might be boring. Deleted it for now because I'm not sure it's worth the 30 GiB on my SD card.
>>367 >'hey guys, what game should i get for my switch?' <'LMAO WHAT A SOYBOY CONSOOMER HAHA CONSOOOOM' imagine making fun of someone who is literally just asking what game to play between two they are thinking about. find another hill to die on anon
Get something that won't have commie spyware.
>>625 the switch is faggot shit simple as
>>48 Breath of the Wild is very good. It definitely gives you the feeling of actually free exploration. It's not without its faults, but I would say it's absolutely worth playing. I'm looking forward to the sequel quite a bit.

(26.32 KB 365x444 ia_2600004689.jpg)
comfy games Anonymous 04/08/2020 (Wed) 15:39:15 No. 546 [Reply] [Last]
I haven't played any games for years I don't know when was the last time I had any fun playing a video game what could get me back on the slide? some 90 era classics would be appreciated but it could also be visual novels anything
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>>546 You can buy some old games on steam like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. VA-11 Hall-A is a comfy game to, try it ;)
(69.47 KB 180x168 smuglole.png)
>>613 > buying games
>>546 stop playing games
>>614 i prefer to buy current games instead of pirating them, but games that are very expensive and that you have a reliable download link is preferable

(48.43 KB 424x283 spoonfeeding-baby.jpg)
RPG Recommendations Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 00:27:39 No. 503 [Reply] [Last]
I'm retarded and need to be spoonfed, plz help. What RPG should I play? I would play PS:T, but I lost my save and CBA with doing the intro again right now. Must be easily pirated. Until something better is found, I'm gonna play nethack.
6 posts and 4 images omitted.
(710.70 KB 800x1227 roadwar_2000_ssi_d7_2.jpg)
Roadwar 2000 is also interesting, even though it's more of a strategy game. The Apple IIGS, Atari ST, and Amiga versions are quite a bit nicer-looking than the DOS one, if that matters to you (in fact, even the C64 port looks better!)
(537.14 KB 1000x1522 roadwar_europa_ssi_d7_2.jpg)
>>511 Europe doesn't get spared either.
>>512 >>511 >>510 >>509 >>508 >>506 Thanks for the reccomendations, sorry for not replying sooner, I was pretty drunk when I posted this. It's not an RPG, but if you haven't played the first jak&daxter then I strongly recommend it (PCSX2 worked for me), just don't bother 100%ing it. Hopefully it may bring you some joy. I only played it lately, so no chance this is a nostalgia-goggles recommendation, it's genuinely fun.
King's Field
(283.53 KB 500x500 nofileopt.gif)
>>512 test

(84.52 KB 953x953 Deus_Ex_Box.jpeg)
Deus Ex is the best game ever made Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 00:18:58 No. 74 [Reply] [Last]
That is all
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>>76 why
(923.41 KB 1366x768 04.png)
>>400 >NSF act as criminals to protect individual freedom and create a chaotic society >UNATCO act as police to limit individual freedom and create an over ruled society The NSF "good guys" in the game that JC Denton eventually joins were actually a group that defended the constitutional rights for people to bear weapons and were accused as criminals by UNATCO for that The UNATCO in the other hand was an organization led by a secret group trying to create global hegemony for a world government that eventually would have Bob Page as its supreme leader. And after using "gray death" and causing chaos he would have the power he needed to use his augmented products implanted on people to control on everyone
(124.34 KB 1024x576 comfy_couch.jpg)
>all that shit you fags wrote I like to sit back on the couch, faglord. Hunching over a cuck desk with some tiny 22-27" monitor doesn't do it for me, I get enough of that crap at work. Anyways I'm all sorted out now. I use AntimicroX on GNU/Linux; an old Xpadder version on airgapped cuckblows 7 and both do a good job of mapping an xbox controller to mouse/keyboard.
>>74 >Deus Ex is the best game ever made Yes. You guys aware of this agdg thing?
(4.00 MB 640x360 1593544175935.webm)

(6.73 KB 180x180 FatEngie.jpg)
TF2 Thread CAP'N CHUNGIES 10/08/2019 (Tue) 01:58:12 No. 109 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think of the current state of the game?

Do you think it has much longer to live?
10 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>109 Still play it for the pyro class and use the most obnoxious weapon because the entire community a bunch of whiners that can't just play the goddamed game. How much longer does it have? Depends on virtual item sales.
>>109 <no
>>109 Literally all they have to do to save the game is add the weapon ideas on the workshop it would take hours I don’t understand why they don’t care
What do you think of Creators.tf servers? Did you liked the Half Life new items?
Post "Blue Moon" update Short Circuit is a mess. The 65 metal energy clusterfuck with a hitbox that covers half the map rewards only the engineers that camp on top of a dispenser and spam it on any projectile class. And even then, they are better off using the wrangler. It's also hands down, the most annoying weapon in this game. It's one of the three main reasons I left this game. 0 volts AC/10 wouldn't zap again

(1.73 MB 3265x3624 2020-06-08_18.11.31 (1).jpg)
Anonymous 06/21/2020 (Sun) 20:12:09 No. 617 [Reply] [Last]
this is for whites only Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot pre-release 8 Also there are no rules besides the first one
Real chads make a modpack.

(240.82 KB 707x224 Intelligence.png)
Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 12:42:58 No. 380 [Reply] [Last]
The Nords are inherently stupid and their quest for independence will lead to their eventual demise. t. Imperial
1 post omitted.
>>380 The Thalmor were planning to betray the empire anyway, so at least with the Stormcloaks the elves don't have Skyrim in their back pocket. And I'd rather be a corpse than a kiss-ass.
Breton (25% Resitance To Magic) Master-Race Look up "Who is the best race in Skyrim" and tell me what it tells you I'm waiting
>>380 The Nords are having a National Socialist Revolution and any Imperial with any sense of honor should be helping them. The Thalmor kikes can fuck off trying to restrict freedom of religion and their other elvish tricks to destroy Skyrim
>>452 This Bretons will inherit the earth and all other races are poxy elvish wankers or neanderthals
>>380 The rebellion was a National Socialist Revolution. Skyrim belongs to the Nords.


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