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Video game music thread Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 02:45:16 No. 120
Post some links to some great/favorite video game music, I'll start.




This one especially takes me back, makes chills go down my spine. I miss Wrath so much.
posting links to youtube a shit when you can just drop mp3s directly here
Here's "Final Take Off", "Red Out", "Super Stripe", and "After Burner" from After Burner 32x
I'm in a bwangin' mood. Here's my top 5 from M.U.S.H.A.
here's all five at once
(2.99 MB raiden-trad.mp3)
(4.69 MB comix-zone.mp3)
(2.68 MB cave-story.mp3)
(1.58 MB castlevania.mp3)
(3.97 MB age-of-empires.mp3)
(2.42 MB Ace Combat 4.mp3)
(3.49 MB bomberman-64.mp3)
taking requests btw
(3.44 MB battletoads.mp3)
(758.75 KB 1280x720 pawnguy-rough.png)
(3.52 MB fallout-3.mp3)
(3.69 MB earthbound.mp3)
(566.01 KB 1600x1600 fallout-3-ost.jpeg)
(23.47 KB 474x355 earthbound.jpeg)
(17.10 KB 275x436 audacious-sid.png)
nice. here's a bunch of nsf files (can scrape with wget): http://nsf.joshw.info/ .
I grab most of my chiptunes from the various subdomains on that joshw site, and play them with Winamp 2.x + a bunch of input plugins under WINE. Audacious is linux native and has support for most chiptune formats built in, but the sound emulation isn't as developed (missing DPCM sound for NES, 32X). I don't have a SID plugin for winamp yet, but audacious is working fine.
nigger, you need this:
superior sound quality. best audio player on windoze, period.
(1.92 KB 325x48 foobarlogo.png)

That's interesting, I might check it out. It doesn't support .nsf, .gbs, and a bunch of the other console chiptune formats I listen to though. I like winamp 2.9 and foobar 2000 because with the right plugins you can set them up to be a one-stop-shop for all your tunes.

This guy is a literal homofurry but he has a bunch of good foobar2000 plugins on his site: https://kode54.net/fb2k-idx
(80.34 KB 549x726 winamp2-sid-setup.png)

ok, I finally have a setup that supports proper .sid song lengths . I grabbed " in_sid 1.5.4" from https://winampheritage.com/plugin/in-sidplay2-1-5-4/222277 , sha256sum: 7d9f30be42a5fc76a4a32db504334922f85f89da7293528141fe9f76132bd443 in_sidplay2.dll . Extract the .dll from the .exe with archive manager, then put the .dll into ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Winamp/Plugins .
Then grab https://www.hvsc.c64.org/download/C64Music/DOCUMENTS/Songlengths.txt and store it on your hard drive somewhere. Open up the plugin preferences in winamp and point it to that file and you're good to go.
(3.98 KB 420x47 play-time-limit.png)
forgot to mention that you should enable the "song play time limit" if you don't want to get stuck endlessly on certain songs. I set mine to 0, so it will skip any song that doesn't have a known song length in songlengths.txt , this way I never have dead air


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