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(617.81 KB 512x512 62R9kMvl.png)
Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 01:35:32 No. 368
thoughts on borderlands series?
shit. they're 'fun with friends' tier.
I've played both 1 and 2 with my wife. It's pretty fun playing with friends/family and definitely worth a buy, but by yourself it's shit.
JG Gergeich. Yoop.
>>411 Really enjoyed 1, rest were OK, buying the B1 goty ($10-15) and 'handsome jack collection' ($15 for 2 Games plus ton of dlc) on steam when on sale is a good deal even if just for the solo play through. Will wait till the new one is on sale and selling for $20-30(with all dlc) before I bother with it though. Certainly more enjoyable with friends (even online pug is OK) but story/writing/rpg aspect are enough to carry the single player if you prefer rpg over shooters
>>371 >>410 I usually only play by myself. I can’t stand playing with other people. Especially randoms. Too much lag, plus issues arise almost everytime good loot drops. Only thing that annoys me is the lack of solo-friendliness when it comes to certain aspects of the game. I had to mod my badass stats just to be able to play UVHM, but the downside was that it nerfed the first two playthroughs. And you can forget about raid bosses. Borderlands 3 was pretty shit though.
>>414 Same here, even solo'd 95% of my time in mmo's. As I recall all B1 story line was all solo-able There may have been a side quest for a raid boss at the end I do remember grouping up for a dlc boss at the end. Also by skipping 'release' and playing the games a year later I generally find you can miss the worst part of pug fags in the beginning. Also I had pirated all games up till last year and we were using a program (Tunggle) for borderlands that allowed internet gameplay for pirated games that had LAN enabled. So it goes without saying it wasn't your typical online console culture. >>368 (20 days old, so may not ever read) I did buy borderlands packages when the were on sale awhile ago OP, (haven't replayed much more than act1 of B1 so far) so if you want to give game a try, Im willing to play a bit.
RNG with guns doesn't work, no matter what. The "humor" is intellectually insulting.
>>368 Meant for normalfag. Normalfags are retarded. >>412 >buying games Look at this normalfag lmao
>>368 Boring, outdated, cringe and lifeless the faggot game creators insults you with retarded jew sjw talk for just playing the game.
>>368 >>456 isn't randy pitchford a literal pedophile? i remember people mentioning him having cp on his phone ironically
>>473 Yes, he is. He also has his co-workers keeping him away from kids, because they know about him, and don't want to have his perversions undermine their bottom line (because leftists are horrible people, and when they see their boss molesting children their first concern is how it would negatively effect themselves).
>>440 >Look at this normalfag lmao It's called physical discs.


no cookies?