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(33.56 KB 640x360 640px-PSP-2000.jpg)
PSP Thread Anonymous 02/02/2020 (Sun) 06:48:41 No. 441
This thread is dedicated to the Playstation Portable, also known as the PSP.
PSP 1000 - Thick and heavy. This is the classic PSP Best build quality. 4.3 inches diagonal screen. PSP 2000 - Has a high-ghosting, progressive scan display. 4.3 inches diagonal screen. PSP 3000 - Has a brighter screen than 2000 series, and much better pixel response time, but also has very strong interlacing artifacts due to the way the panel is updated. 4.3 inches diagonal screen. PSP Go - Brighter screen with better viewing angles and pixel response time than 3000. 3.8 inches diagonal screen.
(127.20 KB 1280x648 psp-limited-edition.jpg)
>>441 It's kind of blah as an emulation machine. Except for PS1, that's pretty good. I think they did some fancy stuff with the hardware due to the CPU simularities, i've heard it called "simulation" instead of "emulation" for PS1. PSP games are pretty sweet when you run them from a memory card instead of the big disc drive, which fixes my original complaint about the system when it was first released. There's a pretty widely disseminated REDUMP set out there on some DDL sites and some good torrents. ~~info post~~~ One thing I haven't seen mentioned much online is that PSP systems do not seem very tolerant of large microSD cards. Compatibility can vary based on the exact microSD->sony bullshit adapter used. I tried to use a 200 GB card but couldn't get the PSP to actually format it correctly, so I went to 128 GB. The 128 GB card works, but there are predictable, relatively long (2-3 second) pauses at times when the card is accessed, such as when calling up the games list on a fresh boot. This effect seems to depend purely on the size of the formatted partition, and not on how full the partition is.
(67.41 KB 640x361 ffiii-remake.jpeg)
The FFIII remake and Star Ocean remakes are pretty good. CDRomance has a bunch of undubs available. Even as a non-weeb I like the undubs, since they zero out the extremely grade-c english voice acting and replace it with easily ignorable bug babble. A+.
>>445 It was better at emulation than the original ds you know. Back before the (((androids))) it was a stellar option for that sort of form factor thing. Now that they're here no one cares. The PSP has a fuckton of games is it's 'thing' though. I still find it funny that they made it so small when they could have had the ps1 be protable and large enough for real dvds. Those tiny discs they had were silly.
(45.94 KB 256x384 jd.jpg)
>>459 I have a DS Lite with flashcart. It's mostly just good for emulating other portables like GB, GBC, GameGear, and Lynx. Otherwise the small screen size and resolution make it not so useful. But it can also natively run GBA and homebrew games. And having a touchscreen with keyboard on it makes sense in some cases.
I still like the PSP better than the DS for MD emulation since it's nice and easy and it can actually fit the full 320x240 frame for most games. The 3DS has enough for a full 320x240 frame so the PSP loses the advantage there. >playing GB and GBC games on DS this is actually fucking sick. I'll make a new thread


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