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(33.56 KB 640x360 640px-PSP-2000.jpg)
PSP Thread Anonymous 02/02/2020 (Sun) 06:48:41 No. 441
This thread is dedicated to the Playstation Portable, also known as the PSP.
(67.41 KB 640x361 ffiii-remake.jpeg)
The FFIII remake and Star Ocean remakes are pretty good. CDRomance has a bunch of undubs available. Even as a non-weeb I like the undubs, since they zero out the extremely grade-c english voice acting and replace it with easily ignorable bug babble. A+.
>>445 It was better at emulation than the original ds you know. Back before the (((androids))) it was a stellar option for that sort of form factor thing. Now that they're here no one cares. The PSP has a fuckton of games is it's 'thing' though. I still find it funny that they made it so small when they could have had the ps1 be protable and large enough for real dvds. Those tiny discs they had were silly.
(45.94 KB 256x384 jd.jpg)
>>459 I have a DS Lite with flashcart. It's mostly just good for emulating other portables like GB, GBC, GameGear, and Lynx. Otherwise the small screen size and resolution make it not so useful. But it can also natively run GBA and homebrew games. And having a touchscreen with keyboard on it makes sense in some cases.
I still like the PSP better than the DS for MD emulation since it's nice and easy and it can actually fit the full 320x240 frame for most games. The 3DS has enough for a full 320x240 frame so the PSP loses the advantage there. >playing GB and GBC games on DS this is actually fucking sick. I'll make a new thread
bump for the best handhold console ever
I've been playing a little bit of Crash Bandicoot - Crash of the Titans. It's piss easy and sort of mindless but pretty fun so far. Run around on the back of some big monkeys or triceratops or whatever and bitchslap scientists while collecting gems. makes for alright little 5 minute bursts here and there.
playan on mah 100x, ghosting is very visible as in i get a headache after 5 mins of playan not visible in games running on engines similar to mh f1/2/u/3rd or mgs pw ones 1000 bros, lets talk about the screen of the best model, colors and brightness aside
>>638 see >>442 The best screen is the PSP Go if you're okay with the smaller size (3.8 vs 4.3) and you don't mind paying out the ass for one. Very bright, no ghosting, no artifacts. The next best is the 3000 since it doesn't ghost much at all but the interlaced update is very distracting in its own way. 2000 is decently bright and has no weird update artifacts but it ghosts like hell. Very slow pixel transitions from dark-to-light. Cars in Gran Turismo look like they're dragging around big ghost wheels. I've never owned a 1000 myself so I can only tell you about the three models above. I have heard people discuss that there were three different models of screens in the 1000 series though, with some supposedly better than others. There are pdf spec sheets floating around on the internet if you can track down the specific panel numbers. t. lcd man
>>639 thanks
(2.18 MB 1363x2690 2122742-psp.png)
I don't know if it's worth posting here - the place is practically dead... Bought some PSPs sold as defective. Most of them just need some minor fixes but otherwise work fine. It is a PSP 3000, PSP 2000 and 1000. There is also a PSP go with a 16gb memory stick which the stick alone would sell for more than 20$ probably. The console is in mint condition. Got all that for under 50$ I was thinking of keeping the psp go just for collectors value - it will probably get even more valuable over time - and keeping one of the other normal ones for actually using. >tl;dr which psp would you take, 3000, 2000 or 1000?
(172.20 KB 480x272 fe2psp.png)
>>726 The 1000 ("phat model") only has 16MiB of RAM so it's not very pleasant to play (homebrews) on. Also does not have WiFi. Depending on condition I'd sell it. 2000 and 3000 (slim) both have 32MiB of RAM and are essentially the same, but the screen: >>639 So I'd probably take the 3000. I do own a 2000 already which is nice. Also someone ported FE2, kinda hard to play but it's a must have IMO if you plan on installing a CFW.
(84.41 KB 630x805 box.jpg)
>>729 That game originally ran on Amiga with 1 MB RAM. Modern devs are retarded.
>>729 I used to own a 3000 and had lots of homebrews and stuff for it back then. Lost it trying to install some shitty leds in the shoulder buttons. So I guess I'll opt for the 3000 also because of brighter screen and no ghosting. The interlacing artifacts don't bother me much, the ghosting is much worse. I made a pretty good deal. >1000 only has some scratches on the back but otherwise works flawlessly. There was still a game in there so I guess the seller was just too retarded to open the drive or something and thought it was defective or something. >2000 has defective screen - under 10$ for a new one. in case it's not the fault of the motherboard >3000 has lose contact on charging port. Should be cheap enough to buy a new one.
>>729 >>730 It's a soydev port of one of the greatest space-sims. Shame
I saw you can play psp games with psvita if you install a custom firmware on it. Any experience with that. Would you recommend buying a ps vita?
(129.05 KB 1200x900 Adrenaline-1.jpg)
>>736 I have adrenaline installed on my Vita. If you already own a vita it's worth hacking it and using adrenaline. If you don't already own a Vita then I wouldn't recommend buying one if your main goal is to play PSP games. It's anecdotal and I didn't measure it but I noticed a lot of lag when playing PS1 eboots through adrenaline back in 2018. I'm talking like a subjective feeling of 2-6 frames of lag. It was enough to make THPS2 feel laggy and un-fun, a game that is usually pretty accomodating of lag since it's 30 fps and not a fast-reflex game in the first place.
(401.88 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>750 I'm not getting a vita after all. I just noticed it's all just gay consumerism. It's all so tiresome. My brain somehow wanted to convince me that I need that shit. But I only want to play street fighter and some light novels which I can do plenty on the psps I have. Got even more broken psps. 10 as of now for 50$. Already managed to fix two of them without buying any replacement parts. So that would already be some revenue. Ordered some replacement parts and then I should be able to fix even more. Was thinking of keeping one of the 1000s because they just feel so nice. Found this mod: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=619246511078 https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=566519935820 https://youtu.be/sxC0dicgo5s It's only ~10$ including ribbon cable. would have to create a tabao account though... this would also go trhough an agent or something. would end up pretty expensive in the end, I guess. There were some japanese psps in the bunch mint green. I hope I can find a 3000 mint green sure is a nice color
>>751 Damn, that shit looks awesome, right up my alley. But yeah I'm the same as you, can't read moonrunes and not willing to go to taobao. If that shit makes it onto ebay or vaguely western-compatible retailers like funnyplaying then I'll be all in >keep me posted
(424.04 KB 1920x1080 visual novels.png)
Got my PSP out again recently. Brings back some memories. I have brainfog most of the time, mostly related to frying my brain to imageboards and useless yt videos. So I found it quite nice to play visual novels on the psp without all the distractions. Just started Air. I was also looking for an english patch of clannad and kanon, but couldn't find any. Xclannad, which is a fanmade port of the pc version only shows a black screen with the music playing. Couldn't find anything about Kanon. If anyone has some recommendations for other english patched visual novels for the PSP I would be interested to hear. I also found puzzle games to be quite nice. Ecoshift is quite comfy. Anything similar to ecoshift? - Games which make me feel like I'm doing anything useful with my time.
I found somebody selling the PSP IPS kit on ebay so I bought it. Just arrived, I'll post back when I get it installed and tested. Realized I'm not sure if any of my PSP batteries are still good though so I might need to get another one. The Sony made ones are all old and dying now and the cheap chink ones have a habit of sudokuing randomly, especially if you don't use them for a year or so. I was looking into getting a PSP 1000 for the classic heavy build quality but the meme virus prices seem to have affected those too so I'll try just putting into a 2000
>>906 I have tons of psp I bought defective. Already repaired some of them and made up the money I spent on them. Just had to interswap some parts. Already sold two for around 60€ per piece. Kept a japanese 3000. Just get a 3000. it already has a pretty good screen, unless you really need that 2005 experience. If you want a permanent cfw for the slim, that's possible too now. https://wololo.net/2019/11/10/release-infinity-2-0-enables-permanent-6-6x-custom-firmware-for-all-psps/
>>906 >>910 Tried to install the IPS in my 2000 but it doesn't fit, the cable connector is slightly different than the 1000 and the cable won't mate. Ordered the cheapest working 1000 I could find. already cfwd all my shit but it's good to know that even the super slims are moddable now, might get one eventually to complete the collection
>>906 The 1000 is quite different from the 2000. There is no mod kit for the 2000 AFAIK. I compared them 2k and 3k and the screen makes quite a difference, especially in pixel response. there's quite a lot of ghosting on the 2000. The interlacing that the 3000 has doesn't bother me much. It's worth the better image quality and pixel response in my opinion. If you already have a 2000 don't know if it's worth upgrading. Also you need to do some soldering for the ips mod from what I have seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxC0dicgo5s


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