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(26.32 KB 365x444 ia_2600004689.jpg)
comfy games Anonymous 04/08/2020 (Wed) 15:39:15 No. 546
I haven't played any games for years I don't know when was the last time I had any fun playing a video game what could get me back on the slide? some 90 era classics would be appreciated but it could also be visual novels anything
depends on you're preferences, really. I find N64 games to be very comfy. Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, DK64, Quest 64. Jet Force Gemini is exciting, Majora's Mask is cool in a dark way. I'd mostly recommend these if you either have a real system or you have a real controller + usb adapter for emulating. Going older, SNES: Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, FF4,5,6, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound. Genesis: Sonic 1,2,3, Shining Force. NES: Dragon Warrior 1,2,3,4, FF1,2,3, Startropics, Mother 1. Shatterhand and Super Mario 1,2,3 but they're a little frantic. Gameboy: all three zeldas, Super Mario Land 1,2. maybe SMB Deluxe, Dragon Warrior Monsters, any pokemons. Playstation: Dragon Warrior VII, the Dragon Warrior roguelike, Tony Hawk series, Dave Mirra series, FF7, FF Tactics, Some railroad game (railroad tycoon 2?). PC: basically any DOS shareware era game you played, original Doom, Chex Quest, Jill of the Jungle, that one top-down viking game like zelda I can't remember, Triplane Turmoil, anything on the Windows 95 Monolith CD, minesweeper, solitaire, windows pinball, any point-and-click you played as a kid like Putt Putt, Pajama Sam, that one fox, Grim Fandango. Star Craft: Brood War exclusively against the computer on low speed so you win every game, Command and Conquer series. Mac: That one 3d dinosaur game that came out in the fishtank imac era (not sure if strictly 90s) not 90s anymore, but for gamecube games: Super Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing, Zelda Wind Waker, Dave Mirra 2. Playstation 2: Dark Cloud, GTA Series, Tony Hawk Series (stop at wasteland), Smuggler's Run, Dynasty Warriors 2, Enter the Matrix. Xbox: Halo. so that's a big list of games. basically just play any of those games that fit your genre preferences and/or you played as a kid.
(5.16 MB 1200x1128 jdlp4t1c.bmp)
>>546 I was feeling the same and also looking for old classics just a few days ago. I got a new Thinkpad that can actually run newer games at impressive settings but I don't want it to get very hot and I wanted something comfy or classic. After a lot of deliberation I went with Diablo III. It ended up being an excellent choice. I like it because it isn't terribly difficult and you can do everything with a mouse alone so it's comfy to play it in bed with mouse on a book. It's fun and the graphics are still good enough to enjoy it. I've also never played an ARPG before so it's different. Anyways that's my main recommendation. I also have been playing Don't Starve and Hollow Knight, both of which are also comfy and run with low requirements. I look forward to hearing other's recommendations, too.
>>547 I only got a PSP and a gameboy color on which I played pokemon red quite a lot I remember having installed emulators on the PSP it makes quite the capable emulation machine, especially for PS1 games for PS1 would you recommend resident evil? the SNES recommendation also sounded quite nice have been thinking of street fighter and yoshis Island I have never played any DOS games I'll be installing an emulator and play some of the SNES games first I guess I mostly know a lot of the games you have recommended but have never actually played them I have quite the capable pc and a steam library with a lot of games most of which I've never actually played altough I have way too much free time as I'm a NEET but instead am wasting most of it away mostly with mindless internet browsing when I got the pc I thought I could do anything and play anything but the fun quickly faded away that's why I'm aiming for older games as I'm thinking I could get a new perspective ior something like that if you get what I mean >>548 guess I'll be looking into that have you also tried Skyrim? back when I had a shitty pc I played half life 1 and later 2 quite a lot I just want to take some memorable moments away from my time as NEET it's just extremely hard to start something new when you have been wasting away so much time with mindless internet browsing an youtube binging I feel like vidya is the easiest method to break free of that trap maybe I can develop some more useful hobbies at a later point sorry for this blogpost I just had to get some things off my chest thanks guys
>>549 if anybody read this wall of text in the first place
(34.16 KB 1000x1000 8bitdo-snes-oldstyle.jpeg)
>>547 PSP has some fun games on it. They're all very easy to hack these days, you should definitely hack yours if you haven't done so. Then get a sony bullshit to micro sd adapter and put in a nice card of like 32 GBs and up. I thought the PSP was the gayest shit ever growing up because of that disk drive but it's actually really cool once you just run all your games from an SD card. Check out the PSP thread here for some game recommendations. I find the Final Fantasy III remake to be exceeding comfy. I'm not the kind of person who really finishes games but I got like 10 hours in and enjoyed it a lot. PSP also works very well for playing PS1 games. Check CDRomance for PSP Eboots that are all ready to go, or you can try making them yourself from PS1 isos. >is Resident Evil comfy for me, hell no. I don't find survival horror comfy in any way. It's like the opposite for me, all edgy and jumpy and shit. sometimes enjoyable and exciting but not relaxing. but I know lots of people do really like the genre. I found the intro to Silent Hill to be very /kino/ but I stopped enjoying it once it got to fighting monsters. There are lots of games you can be comfy with if you played them as a kid though. I really like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the stained glass and cool gothic aesthetic. >gameboy color Some games are fun but I find it pretty hard to deal with the unlit screen these days. There are some mods and lcd replacements you can do though to get a backlit screen in there. The Zelda games are fun enough to be worth emulating, as are the Survival Kids games and Pocket Bomberman. Some people really like Legend of the River King but I got kinda bored after 5 minutes. The real hardware is great but it pretty much takes a backlight mod and a flashcart for the full experience. so a basic USB controller and an emulator are a much more approachable and cheap setup. >controller I recommend the 8bitDo brand of controllers, been quite happy with mine. You can also get a real controller and a USB adapter. I like the ones made by 'raphnet' brand but they are a little bit pricey.
>>549 Wish I could go back to never having played HL2. I'd like to play the new Alex game but won't be building my new desktop until the fall. Also want to play the new Doom game but have to wait for that as well. Never played Skyrim, not really my thing. >wasting away so much time with mindless internet browsing an youtube binging Very relatable. My attention span has gotten very short lately. I used to spend a lot more time reading on the internet but now I have more trouble with long-form text. I can hardly sit through a whole movie. I definitely haven't been binging Diablo as much as I thought I would (though I have still been chipping away) as I still seem to end up refreshing the same shit over and over for the next dopamine hit. Hard to do a dopamine fast when you're stuck at home. Might have to spend a day painting.
>>554 spent a lot of time as a kid trying out shitty hombrews and stuff think I'll restore mine with a new housing, cos why not? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33031198635.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.1a003c00QqIDvQ&mp=1
>>555 checked >Wish I could go back to never having played HL2. I'd like to play the new Alex game but won't be building my new desktop until the fall. Also want to play the new Doom game but have to wait for that as well. Same situation. Waiting for black friday sales, new hardware, and BTC to go up. Can't wait to make the jump from 1920x1200 @60Hz on my 1st gen i7 built in 2008. Hopefully those games will make the long wait worth it.


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