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(68.35 KB 607x721 steam pozzed.PNG)
steam is pozzed Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 03:28:33 No. 705
friendly reminder that steam is pozzed and bans user for speaking truth. use alt accounts
>>705 Unsurprising... Gamergate and all that. We know the industry is beyond pozzed. Steam is based in Bellevue, which is just north of Seattle. Bellevue is an upper-class city, home to many of the region's elites that commute to Microsoft in neighboring Redmond and Amazon and Starbucks in Seattle.
>>706 Its why i only buy indie games
>>705 buy a vpn and pirate. lots of good games on pirate bay
>>713 Enjoy mining crypto for chinks and pajeets smarter and more hardworking than you.
>>714 stay mad kike dev hahahahahahaha i steal your property :)
>>714 >smarter and more hardworking than you. I think you mean privileged and given free opportunity by inbred jews at the expense of Whites.
(172.56 KB 775x438 s1.png)
(103.18 KB 420x401 s2.png)
>>717 Why aren't you developing bots to infect dipshit chink and pajeet computers? If they are so stupid, why are they calling your grandma to scam her and not the other way around? I know it comes across as defending these people, but I'm just trying to point out that we must be more clever going forward.
>>719 >If they are so stupid, why are they calling your grandma to scam her and not the other way around? Never said they were stupid, just that they are handed everything and only "work hard" at being immoral jew wannabe human trash. I don't give a shit about developing bots or any of this anti-human technoshit anymore, I just want this diseased system to be burned to the ground and any and all who support it to be held accountable and punished accordingly.
>>720 Hey, I couldn't agree with you more. It doesn't even occur to me to scam people in other nations.
>>714 How quickly did you forget that Steam made the skyrim mod shop. They have fucked you every possible way they can get, including holding your games hostage if you the holocaust never happened. Tomorrow they can prevent you from playing online or simply lock your account. And yet you still continue giving them money instead of pirating for free. Could have bought your dad some cigars and vodka, or your girlfriend something with those money mate, shame on you. company fucks you with paid mods, you dont even own the games and you continue giving them money. what are you a cuck? IF tomorrow i set your car on fire will you forgive me after a week? you forgive steam.


no cookies?