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(84.52 KB 953x953 Deus_Ex_Box.jpeg)
Deus Ex is the best game ever made Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 00:18:58 No. 74
That is all
(101.53 KB 827x546 shame.jpg)
>>469 I don't remember holohoax in deus ex at all, and I've played through it multiple times.
(47.14 KB 1000x540 LibertyBTFO.gif)
>>469 You are wrong. This game was made by a chink
>>499 The part in France where you go to find the dumb bitch. Pay attention to the dialogue next time
>>493 Government and Corporations have been in collusion with each other for along time. Look at Google handing over user data to the government with no questions asked for "safety". The trick is realizing they are both controlled by the same mafia cabal of inbred jews.
>>559 The constitution is the only thing keeping americans safe and protected against slavery from both Government and Corporations
(6.97 MB 480x360 Deus Ex Redpills.webm)
>>590 extremely based, thanks
Having some trouble running this game well without input lag. >Windowed Mode under Windows 7 - no input lag <Fullscreen under Windows 7 - unplayable input lag <Windowed Mode under WINE - unplayable input lag <Fullscreen under WINE I originally thought my problems were due to WINE but I'm not sure anymore since even on Windows it sucks ass in fullscreen mode. I'm normally not a fan of gaming in windowed mode, so I'm going to look into the borderless fullscreen mode mods and maybe the directx10 renderer as well. Does anyone have any advice for getting this to run well under WINE? almost feels criminal to run a game this redpilled on an israeli spyware OS
G N U : Use kentie's DeusExe as the launcher. Grab the files then put them in the .../System subdirectory. This involves overwriting the core executable file so you should back it up first. Then on launch, set borderless full screen in the launcher settings. Your winecfg should NOT be set to 'virtual desktop'. For me this has eliminated the input lag and the game is now playable. The mouse lag problems in other modes are noticeable on the game's menu, once you get it right the menu should feel just as responsive as the rest of your DE.
>>472 true. the only right wingers are the NSF and FEMA solders, but latter in the game you realize they have logical motives.
>>76 why
(923.41 KB 1366x768 04.png)
>>400 >NSF act as criminals to protect individual freedom and create a chaotic society >UNATCO act as police to limit individual freedom and create an over ruled society The NSF "good guys" in the game that JC Denton eventually joins were actually a group that defended the constitutional rights for people to bear weapons and were accused as criminals by UNATCO for that The UNATCO in the other hand was an organization led by a secret group trying to create global hegemony for a world government that eventually would have Bob Page as its supreme leader. And after using "gray death" and causing chaos he would have the power he needed to use his augmented products implanted on people to control on everyone
(124.34 KB 1024x576 comfy_couch.jpg)
>all that shit you fags wrote I like to sit back on the couch, faglord. Hunching over a cuck desk with some tiny 22-27" monitor doesn't do it for me, I get enough of that crap at work. Anyways I'm all sorted out now. I use AntimicroX on GNU/Linux; an old Xpadder version on airgapped cuckblows 7 and both do a good job of mapping an xbox controller to mouse/keyboard.
>>74 >Deus Ex is the best game ever made Yes. You guys aware of this agdg thing?
(4.00 MB 640x360 1593544175935.webm)
>>76 fpwp
(1.12 MB 1073x1255 back.jpg)
>>498 Ultima Underworld came before Doom engine stuff, but it's not even the first. Pic is from 1991, and there's a few others like it. Probably also Alternate Reality for the Atari 800, that one's from 1985.
It was great 20 something years ago. But I wouldn't even have it in my top 100 now. It's too old. Direct nigger makes it look like shit and delicious software render has problems. Machine gun doesn't sound right when silenced. It's story is too old as well so not worth modernising. HR wasn't bad aside from the psyche aug, MD was shit. HR can be tweaked in regedit to look much better, mostly by enabling deferred lighting I think. Controllers are fine for FPS provided sticks aren't retarded by 2 resistance sensors, like everything since the 64. Keep a lookspring, have generous auto aim, no crosshair, no recoil, sights for hitting anything more than 20m away. Wiimote shits all over mouse look. Nintendo could have win the console war if they forced it again and didn't sell shit hardware. Pointer controls allow for enjoyable aiming, it's a chore in everything else. Sticks should have barely enough resistance to return to centre. You could discard a deadzone by disabling it when deliberate input was made, and only enabling it when the stick has been centred for around a second. Constant deadzone is very stupid. More sensitive towards edge of stick might be ok. 360 games ruined aiming by only having several rings of stick position detection and acceleleration. No linear progression, too slow to too fast. Just fucking stupid. Control reading is the last thing performance should be conserved from degrading. Due to some issue with the engine HR inly had smooth controls at 180fps. Stuttering isn't worth anything ever. New Deus Ex with relevant gameplay could ignore the other games and have you using mechanical assist to carry more weapons and more ammo to kill cops etc with. Trading weapons for armour, or dropping both to be more mobile. Familiarising with captured weapons and equipment. No exp, no missions. Landscape opens up the more free it is. Don't kill all asians and life isn't worth living, it's america everywhere. No character. You try, you die. You spawn as one of the people your actions inspired. Killing every jewfrican arabian. The more students you kill the better the starting equip of the next spawn. No ending, no limit to how much homosexuality you face. The more you kill the more free it is elsewhere. Enjoy spawns in procedurally generated utopias that came to be because of lack of parasitism. Always the option in a spawn to sell out. The longer you wait the more others do.
I would have liked to stay with Unatco. Corruption is guaranteed in anything. Ideals are falsified if you fail to ememplify them. Bad people may need the molding force of ideals to thwart the influence of other bad people within an organisation. Good people in an organisation that once was truly good, is a good story in itself. Serving them so something of what something was survives.
Modern gameplay: PC: Check everywhere with... Console: Char auto looks to threats and fires. Have to stay in control to look for avenues to pursue, that don't lead straight to a threat. Aim and shoot at what might become a threat, what might come to the aid of a threat. Take on threat when it is less threatening. Aim to stop slaughter. Try to change situations so conversation is possible. Eg kill/disable all cops around someone holding hostages, provide them with the means of escape and learn their intentions, motivations etc.
Modern Deus Ex Plenty of horrors to hear out, ignore them, they get recruits etc, they spread more the more they are known. All advertisement increases tollerance and normalisation no matter gow bad it is. Play as someone solving problems before they are known, or known more. So they don't become integral to society and built from.
240x240 distance fog starts at 10m. Most of world shown as silhouettes. Gausuan blur after upscale. Theme of vagarity. Highly detailed characters and weapons 2D. Blurred at close range, focus is at edge of objects dissapearing into silhouettes. Always paying attention to what isn't close. Grey the new dominant colour. Grimy thick plastic pipes, concrete, thick stainless steel. Nothing shiny. Volumetric fog responsive to movement, blooming lights. Barren landscape. Everything old, made to last long enough to be repaired instead of replaced. Everything moves slowly. Time is irrelevant as age has been ended. Sleep on transports instead of in buildings. No talking. People communicate via their phones. Money transactions are via phone. Entertainment, shopping etc only exists via phone. Everything is stripped to nescessities. Nescessities are common and minimal. Some buildings have showers on the enterance, supplying you with disposable plastic pants while your clothes are washed. Sterile interiors assess enterants of their potential. Offer their products, services etc. The streets are dangerous enough most prefer to stay in buildings. Escorted by armed robots when traveling if not moving by aircraft. Life's purpose for most is to stay out of danger. Population was evidently much larger than what it has become. Birth control is in the free, astronaut food. Dehydrated flavoured nutrients. Some people, mainly street people, live off people to raise children. They're raided where ever they are found kids indoctrinated to minimalise their capacity for independence. Growing pyramid schemes for the maintenance of what has been established. Upgrading the human form to be more survivable is the main conspiracy. Memory and computational ability aided by servers. Experiments have horrendous results that aren't killed but continually experimented on to return them to human form. People are measured and guarded. People only want to do things that are inconsequential. Weary of making enemies and of making themselves noticed. People are terrified of the certainty of venrebility at some point in the distant future. Death is not an option many entertain. Weapons are abundant from an age where people knew there were worse things than death. Primitive defences left in hope of someone defending something that was already lost. There are worse things than death, that isn't enough to make people prepare for suicide. With some exceptions that live with bombs strapped to them, who stay out of buildings and away from people. Such people are more aware of what has gone wrong. And are traced by people who act as couriers, bringing them essentials. Mini bosses you risk killing if you get too close. Leave them in fear, trapped with a lack of support as you buy off their friends. Desperate they have no choice but to sell their knowledge for a return to normality. Or escort elsewhere to an example of the closest thing to what will domino to the nightmare that overrode reality for them. Something like chaoticly ordered math. Attempts to control people into one unit with the universal language of math, which is sinister, mindless, indecypherable. Maintaining matter for the sake of it's own perception of itself. Others there to witness it eclipse everything. All of it. Essentially god. Existance through accnowledgement of it. People, and machines intent on buckling independence. Because they have no hope of escaping their own awareness. Denial defers faith from themselves and lessens their relevance to their god. Killing you isn't enough. They have to break you worse than they have been broken.
Deus Ex Machina Char assaulting police station. Switching to a mock up room when going through a door way and back to the real room after shooting targets, shooting people the same. Plans and camera footage show police positions, mock up shows them, real rooms show blood splatters and dying cops. Secure Aug XS and shoulder Spas 12, shoot door lock, prod door open aiming through the opening untill the entire room is covered, then move sideways into the room covering the area behind the door. Reload while swinging shotgun around. Use magnezium torch on steel door to holding cell. Back into it aiming at doorway. Hand shotgun to prisoner without looking at them, and draw Aug. Lights go out, flick over thermal sight. Shotgun appears over shoulder, empty magazine at corner-shot reload while shotgun blasts SF emerging from corner. Swap weapons with prisoner, sit against corner, reload shotgun while prisoner sprays the area past the corner, standing on your thighs. Turn corner while it is firing, dropping it out with you. Pass it magazine. Secure shotgun and reload it one handed while checking SF for pulse. Use lengths of wire to stem blood flow to limbs of one with the strongest pulse. Take off his helmet. Drag him behind prisoner aiming as he moves. Back to his letting him navigate. Ruse buys the half a second needed to kill SF waiting to be told what to do. Reload for prisoner and pass back. Emerge as hellicopter drops another load of SF into street. Throw smoke. Shoot cops over the shoulder of prisoner. Drive away in car. Off pier. Share spare-air with prisoner, put on stashed BCD and weight belt, give prisoner buddy, take dive fan to next stash, repeat for several hours. Explore tropical home evidently some time later, white walls, green plants, blue glass. If you're lucky find several hidden passageways to veichles, each giving different headings on your watch. If you don't find them take car out front to large warehouse with mock up inside where you learn the controls. When you have acheived proficiency, go to exit and instead exit out of real building. Partially confused do whatever you want, face lightly challenging police response. Avoiding them funnels you to a crowded CBD in festivity you aren't a part of. Families follow the pull of their kids to entertainments. Presenters try to entice you to their attraction. It's a secret that the police are looking for someone and something serious has happened. You are a part of that. Where's wally finding what is serious. Anything serious you single out welcomes you. An escort casually talks to you about common triviality that seems to have more meaning you are meant to hear. Surveilance is apparent as part of them even if not serving them. It sticks out more with them. They're more aware of it and hide from it by staying in the middle of either side of it. It parts to a high rise. Better surveilance professional enough to be undetectable negates the need for guards, the enterance looms, a threshold and a contract in approving of what it is. It's decidedly not optional. The first floor is a farce, scripted. Every actor, or employee acting, is keeping up appearances. It's scary that falsity has a purpose. Reassurance to investigation it's part of a higher standard rather than the foundation. Facade remains in the elevator. Switch to mock up with soldiers succeeding in decending on you, about to fire, elevator door opens, similar looking people look at you expantly.


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