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(3.12 MB 1024x796 anno1602.png)
What are you playing? Video games madness 09/17/2019 (Tue) 21:24:04 No. 9
What video games do you play to escape the madness around you?
I keep coming back to Anno 1602, an old classic but still fun to play and no indoctrination, political correctness, LGBT or any other bullshit in it. Pure calm and enjoiable vidya.
preface: this is just a half-baked opinion to keep interest.
i have watched about 5 hours if a hard playthrough and it seems to be mostly a fetch quest so far. the saving graces appear to me as engaging survival mechanics while you're delivering items and the cool MGS cutscenes of yore. i will tell you more as i watch (without real spoilers), but that's all i can relay to you now with what i know. i don't own a ps4 and death stranding won't be out for awhile on pc.
Do you like walking and watching movies? It'll be GOTY for you. If you like actually playing games, it'll disappoint.
(1.49 MB 1920x1080 monster_bash.jpg)
>comfy af
Grand strategy is basically fucked at this point. PDX has been getting more politically correct over the years. The only games by them that are worth playing are ck2 and maybe eu4. Almost everything else is just pure shit
>>351 My man. CK2 is indeed a great game. I tried GOY4, and play it occasionally, but it has nothing on CK2, it just lacks the investment that is required when playing CK2, and especially the cultural/political aspect, which is what I feel really makes CK2 such a great game.... that and not having to load up mods to make the game playable. Only thing is CK2 got particularly assfucked by PDX's DLC policy, but that's not something that can't be amended by *legitimate methods*.
(125.53 KB 1920x1080 20191207222423_1.jpg)
(432.06 KB 1920x1080 20191113195659_1.jpg)
(342.33 KB 1920x1080 20160311215853_1.jpg)
(148.71 KB 1920x1080 20160311214532_1.jpg)
Elite Dangerous is also a comfy game, mining in an Asteroid-Ring can become quite Zen like I think.
(69.53 KB 727x546 duke3d.jpg)
I compiled Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D on 32-bit ARM this weekend, and started playing. Runs great so far, except the cranes in Toxic Dump didn't work (they never activate) and I had to strafe jump onto the upper conveyer belt from another ledge. Got to the end of the level but I can't remember the way to get through the exit without getting squished.
>>9 Starcraft, D2:LOD t. boomer
>>9 GrimDawn atm >>374 R.I.P Kess lvl 98 HC Javazon Rot in hell HydraSorc
Cataclysm DDA
>>9 I wanna kill the kamilia 2, currently on the last level of stage 6.
(512.37 KB 1920x1200 mechwar5.jpeg)
Whats your opinion on the new Mechwarrior ? (aside from it beeing a epic-exclusive and having "the global #1 Games protection...Technology")
Tf2, castle story, dark souls 1, and a little bit of dragon's dogma
HOI 3 Finaly done from barbarossa
>>9 D2X SCX The last game console I bought was Sega Genesis - before that was Atari 5200. I never really got into video games. I do play a couple of the SC custom maps against the computer everyday though.
(267.72 KB 432x454 latest.png)
>>66 Man, they didn't even try to make him look like Denton. He's supposed to look like an indifferent autist and not like Serious Sam meets Not Important.
(386.27 KB 800x600 cs333.png)
I play Counter Strike 1.6 NO STEAM, becuz' i'm a third-world poorfag with shit toaster. Sometimes i grind on a Zombie Plague server (the previous one i was in had shit nigger admins and -13 players).
>>9 In order of preference: 1. Donkey Kong 64 2. Super Mario 64 3. Classic DOOM (any game, often with mods and/or custom levels) 4. Kingdom Hearts (any except DDD and 3, KH2 and BBS we're the best imo) 5. Stardew Valley
(34.73 KB 380x260 expert.jpg)
>>336 Basically Hideo Kojima tried to combine Journey, Monster Hunter, Survival games, Dark Souls' soft MMO mechanics and MGS into one giant game where you're a UPS delivery guy. >The game has crafting mechanics where you collect resources plus points to build items, vehicles and buildings you can place around various maps for either you to use, or other players can use online. You can also leave helpful links, or troll messages for other players to read. >The game has random encounters against minibosses, which can be avoided, most of said minibosses however are bullet sponges except for the occasional animal based ones. Storymode bosses are almost all animal based, and are basically Monster Hunter bosses but with MGS5 shooting mechanics. >The game has random sections of the map where you'll see rival factions and you'll be given the option to sneak past them or go rambo against them. However just like MGSV proved, Kojima sucks ass at making openworld stealth, so cheesing the enemy AI is really fucking easy. The regen health and "mother base" style upgrades you can get also make most of the fights pretty much a breeze to slam through. >The game has random encounters with these ghost like apparitions, in which you can easily stealth yourself out of, if you're not careful they'll either trigger the bullet sponge miniboss fights, or a game over. >The game design is vast and takes advantage of all the platforming mechanics and metagame mechanics. Things like how heavy the packages you're carrying around affect the way you traverse mountains, ford rivers, cross bridges made out of ladders and so forth. Certain shortcuts can't be taken advantage of by vehicles, but are dangerous if you're carrying too many shipments. Combat and sneaking around is really just the inbetweens, the real fun is in the platforming mechanics and discovering shortcuts or exploiting game bugs/mechanics to get through platforming obstacles. This game is a very interesting mishmash of ideas, it is unironically Kojima's most ambitious game yet. But inversely said precisely because it's a combination of so many unconventional ideas it can be very off putting for many players who just expected a mindless platformer, a straight forward survival game, a sneaking/espionage game, or yet another generic cover based third person shooter. The story, I can't judge the story, I've only watched around an hour's worth of gameplay footage because Kojima hasn't written a good videogame story since MGS
>>432 >Since MGS2 Fix'd that type, MGS3's story is feminist trash, fuck you if you disagree. It does have good gameplay though.
(366.52 KB 1600x900 20200115163148_1.jpg)
(370.03 KB 1600x900 20200115163155_1.jpg)
(361.25 KB 1600x900 20200115141039_1.jpg)
(353.71 KB 1600x900 20200115142208_1.jpg)
(342.07 KB 1600x900 20200115142214_1.jpg)
>>432 >Kojima hasn't written correct. Tomokazu Fukushima has always been the real writing talent behind those games.
(37.67 KB 626x548 Death of puckman.jpg)
>>435 It's arguable, although it is rather "mysterious" how the quality to MGS' writing dipped after he left Kojima's team.
(261.08 KB 1600x900 20200116223321_1.jpg)
(209.02 KB 1600x900 20200116223333_1.jpg)
(273.11 KB 1600x900 20200116223401_1.jpg)
(244.57 KB 1600x900 20200116223413_1.jpg)
(407.11 KB 1600x900 20200116234502_1.jpg)
Don't know if anyone cares, but an update to my 'tism escapades.
>>436 the ultimate confirmation of this theory will be if Kojima and Fukushima ever work on a project again together and the writing/story returns to something halfway-decent.


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