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(3.12 MB 1024x796 anno1602.png)
What are you playing? Video games madness 09/17/2019 (Tue) 21:24:04 No. 9
What video games do you play to escape the madness around you?
I keep coming back to Anno 1602, an old classic but still fun to play and no indoctrination, political correctness, LGBT or any other bullshit in it. Pure calm and enjoiable vidya.
(121.53 KB 800x450 War of the Lions.jpg)
(137.15 KB 640x640 FE 2003.jpg)
(639.51 KB 640x1114 D1.jpg)
Currently got an itch for turnbased tactics games, so I'm playing Fire Emblem (2003), and I'm slowly going through the PSP version of Disgaea 1. After that, I'm probably going to move onto Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. I hear it has slow down problems, so I had to seek out a fan patch to fix that.
(1.63 KB 160x144 530screenshot2.png)
>turn based tactics games

"Fire Emblem" (2003) is shockingly easy, likely because it was the first installment released in the US and also on a handheld (avg. user literal child) so they dumbed it way down. The second USA Fire Emblem GBA game is much better, as are translations of the Japan-only GBA games. There are also tons and tons of romhacks for the GBA if you want to get srs, I'm pretty sure most of them are really hard though. Fire Emblem is still worth a playthrough, but if you're already familiar with the genre you'll rip right through it.

I've really been enjoying Another Bible for DMG. An english translation patch is available. It's simple and slow, but I really like the prehistoric feel of it's 4-shades-of-pea-soup-green aesthetic. Play style is very much like Shining Force. I have no green screenshot for you, as I've been playing on real hardware, but here's a black-and-white one from romhacking.
(7.84 KB 320x288 ted-adventure-dx.png)
I have to agree on it being pretty easy. So far, I've only lost a couple units, the first due to not paying attention and the second was due to bad RNG. Honestly, what has been keeping me playing it are the stories and characters, but I might just skip it to Sacred Stones.
I'll take a look at that Another Bible translation.
I finally tried out Final Fantasy Tactics and... good lord... I don't remember the last time I've been this addicted to a game. I only meant to try it out a few days ago and I ended up not really doing anything else on that day- and I've been playing it a lot since then. I don't even want to play the Fire Emblem games anymore.
(2.15 MB 1920x1080 shadow-of-the-colossus.png)
I've been going back through a lot of my old games. Working on re-acquiring all of the items for the SotC PS3 remaster. It's a lot tougher than the PS2 version because so many of the animations/triggers were tied to the lower, PS2 frame rate and feel broken AF with steady 30 fps. I checked this oddity out with ~60 fps PCSX2, also, and it's nothing like what I remember from PS2 hardware
How was it on the emulator?
I switched to the PCSX2 nightly builds like a month or two ago; whatever the rolling releases are since the official one is so out of date. I was honestly surprised how good the game looked and ran, let alone compared to what I was used to from PCSX2. 60 fps is better than the PS3 version, which I think has steady 30 fps. The higher frame rate on the emulator still seemed to introduce the same animation/gameplay bugs once the frame rate was 30fps+, though. I think you can limit this setting in the emulator, though. I opted not to fuck around with it anymore and just run the PS3 version.
(270.97 KB 210x131 ftge.gif)
Following up on this, if you are even considering PS3 vs. PS2 (even emulation), go PS2. Just beat hard mode and was looking forward to hard time attack. Nah, my game just keeps crashing during the end credits and no amount of cleaning has fixed the problem. Found a forum post on GameFAGs of another person with the same issue, they reported trying disc and software versions, as well as 3 other consoles and all had the same crash during the end credits.
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game looks comfy. I used to play a lot of SimCity 2000, SimAnt, and SimFarm
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wishful thinking from le redditfag
Is Death Stranding actually good or not? I can't seem to get a straight answer about this.
preface: this is just a half-baked opinion to keep interest.
i have watched about 5 hours if a hard playthrough and it seems to be mostly a fetch quest so far. the saving graces appear to me as engaging survival mechanics while you're delivering items and the cool MGS cutscenes of yore. i will tell you more as i watch (without real spoilers), but that's all i can relay to you now with what i know. i don't own a ps4 and death stranding won't be out for awhile on pc.
Do you like walking and watching movies? It'll be GOTY for you. If you like actually playing games, it'll disappoint.
(1.49 MB 1920x1080 monster_bash.jpg)
>comfy af
Grand strategy is basically fucked at this point. PDX has been getting more politically correct over the years. The only games by them that are worth playing are ck2 and maybe eu4. Almost everything else is just pure shit
>>351 My man. CK2 is indeed a great game. I tried GOY4, and play it occasionally, but it has nothing on CK2, it just lacks the investment that is required when playing CK2, and especially the cultural/political aspect, which is what I feel really makes CK2 such a great game.... that and not having to load up mods to make the game playable. Only thing is CK2 got particularly assfucked by PDX's DLC policy, but that's not something that can't be amended by *legitimate methods*.
(125.53 KB 1920x1080 20191207222423_1.jpg)
(432.06 KB 1920x1080 20191113195659_1.jpg)
(342.33 KB 1920x1080 20160311215853_1.jpg)
(148.71 KB 1920x1080 20160311214532_1.jpg)
Elite Dangerous is also a comfy game, mining in an Asteroid-Ring can become quite Zen like I think.
(69.53 KB 727x546 duke3d.jpg)
I compiled Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D on 32-bit ARM this weekend, and started playing. Runs great so far, except the cranes in Toxic Dump didn't work (they never activate) and I had to strafe jump onto the upper conveyer belt from another ledge. Got to the end of the level but I can't remember the way to get through the exit without getting squished.
>>9 Starcraft, D2:LOD t. boomer
>>9 GrimDawn atm >>374 R.I.P Kess lvl 98 HC Javazon Rot in hell HydraSorc
Cataclysm DDA


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