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(6.73 KB 180x180 FatEngie.jpg)
TF2 Thread CAP'N CHUNGIES 10/08/2019 (Tue) 01:58:12 No. 109
What do you think of the current state of the game?

Do you think it has much longer to live?
Here are some thoughts
>I Dislike Payload, because of the moving cart, several sections of the map become spam fests and are impossible to navigate through
>King Of The Hill has the same problem, except the flank routes are the only place were you won't get bombed by a billion rockets
>Attack/Defend's only decent map is Gravel-pit, because it's wide opened and multiple ways to get to the point
>Playstyles have been ruined by valve, because people complain about them
>Cosmetics used to be cartoony and look like something you would wear, now they are generic sets, aka millitary medieval, sports, cute, wintery,
>Halloween restrictions are retarded, you can dress as a yeti or wear skeleton masks, but a beanie is halloween only
(70.66 KB 262x464 brundle.png)
*joins your game*
>No new weapons despite the community constantly making great contributions that get ignored
>Phlog pyro is fucking cancer and can wipe out an entire server with a pocket medic
>Cheaters are rampant on the servers, demoniggers love using walls and there's always those spinbotters every fucking game
>Community market collapsed
>More hats
>No new comic
>Weapons that actually mattered are completely irrelevant
I believe by creating more items/ weapons (THAT ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT) , maps, and cosmetics. They need to rebalance the classes (Demoshits and pyros)
also make the engineer have more options to "build" and rather than just being a boomstick fodder with a sentry.

Valve really needs to literally up their game.
(394.93 KB 1011x609 braaaaap.png)
(506.83 KB 1282x1223 Nooooooooooooooooo Muh dead game.png)
(327.48 KB 952x651 Soy Fortress.png)
(89.83 KB 480x360 (you).mp4)
>>401 Do you think I come to an imageboard that's barely alive to read cuckchan posts?
(54.56 KB 654x768 tf2 guy in the pic.jpg)
Pyro is still fucking broken and a mess, valve has to decide whether they want him to be a support class or stay as a combat class, because currently he does neither of them properly >blue moon nerf makes him do 80dps now with his flamethrowers, forcing him to forever be a meme combo class >The flamethrower switch speeds and function times are still broken ever since the degreaser nerf (thanks b4nny you tranny loving faggot), whenever you switch from a secondary gun to primary you have to wait around .8s in order to be able to airblast properly, if you don't do this you'll just waste ammo on an airblast animation that does nothing >the flamethrower animations plus particles occasionally bug the fuck and combine with the airblast animations making flames borderline invisible and the pyro even harder to see >Valve refuses to fix the Dragon's Fury glitches, the one flamethrower that could have allowed pyro to become something more than a meme, combo parrying class >The Dragon's Fury hitbox still gets deleted by syringes, rockets, and even the occasional nades >The Dragon's Fury hitbox still gets deleted by fucking sloped surfaces, meaning hills, staircases, ramps, anything with an inclination >the flare guns are still shit since they have an attack interval of 1.8 seconds, in 1.8 seconds demoman, scout has done more than 200 dmg, soldier has already reached the 180+ plus mark >the Jetpack is a shit tier item, it can only be used every 15 seconds, has a 40% knockback debuff that's not listed in the item description, and has a horrible switch speed of around 1.5 seconds >the detonator is still a shit tier meme weapon that requires you to sacrifice around 40 health to do a jump that's barely higher than a scout's double jump >the powerjack is still a crutch due to pyro's lack of advanced mobility mechanics, and in general slow movement speed as a combat class >the gass passer still clips through certain walls, is still a shit weapon that is overshadowed by literally any fucking flaregun, including the manmelter >the manmelter is a fucking meme that relies on the enemy having a pyro who feeds you teammates to extinguish Spy is still a joke class, and is in a worse state than ever before >the ambassador now does lower DPS than just wm1ing with the stock revolver >the enforcer is a memetier shit fest that relies on the predictable as fuck disguise mechanic >the dead ringer is now janky as fuck to use since it's 100% cool down based >the spy overall is still overshadowed by sniper as pick class, and valve refuses to give the spy more support items aside from the shitty, borderline useless sappers Engineer is mostly balanced now a days, my only complaint is >the wrangler is still a broken fucking travesty that gives his buildings an absurd 60% more health for just pressing the q button/ 2 button Scout's needless inadvertent buff via the medic being able to match his running speed while healing is still in the game, aside from that he's mostly balanced except for the following >the force of nature continues to be a shitty meme weapon only useful for shoving brainlets around, and doing triple jump tricks >the shove stop has become a shitgun that gets outperformed by pistols like the pretty boy pocket pistol, and winger, it's still also outperformed by the soda popper, stock, babyface's blaster >the babyface's blaster is now perfect, stop complaining you casual no skill faggots Soldier is still the most balanced class when you turn off random shit, however he still has issues with his weapons >the liberty launcher is still borderline worthless since the airstrike and direct hit still exist >the airstrike is borderline shit due to the harsh 30% splash damage reduction when rocket jumping Heavy is still a shitty WM1 class, give this class a fists of steel style riotshield he can use with a shotgun, however he's vulnerable to damage from the rear, and just like the FOS he gets 40% reduced healing and overheal, or maybe some sort of burst fire projectile weapon, do something to this class to pull it out of the tommy/minigun meta, which is technically more tommy since the thing does more DPS at most ranges due to reduced spread & windup time. Demoman is still mostly balanced, and honestly after much thought the airdet nerf was justified, no class should have that much power at locking out map sections Sniper is an abomination of a class, him being able to one shot medic, the class designed to break stalemates is a fucking travesty, Sniper was a fucking mistake. There's nothing more infuriating either than getting shot for 150dmg from across the map, or even blatantly getting killed due to a full charge shot. Medic is still mostly balanced, but good lord are his combat options so shit. I understand he's supposed to be a support class, but engineer is a support character and he has a shotgun just like pyro, soldier, and heavy! Maybe make the syringe gun particles and hitboxes bigg
(611.63 KB 845x584 pyro is a man.png)
>>429 Two possible routes The lazy one, give pyro a speed boost comparable to scout, make him hitscan based, remove airblast, reduce his health to 150 +Pros >pyro can now keep up with the generalists >will finally have a consistent graphical representation of his damage output >will finally be able to have a consistent DPS time functions that doesn't fluctuate due to collision boxes and latency issues >combo mechanics will no longer be mandatory +Negatives >pyro will infringe upon scout's turf and heavy's turf >engineer receives an indirect debuff due to no one being present to airblast rockets >pyro will now really be a wm1 class and babbies will shit their pants The not lazy one, is next, this idea of mine will radically change pyro's role forever, however in order to do this I'll have to preface pyro's biggest problems right now and even during the jungle inferno parkinson's pyro epidemic.Pyro's problems have always been complex so I'll split this into two segments. As a Combat Class= His damage is piss poor, ranging from 80dps post blue moon, to around 100dps pre jungle inferno, meaning he relies on combo meme gimmicks, he's also too slow and pyro shotgun gets outperformed by scouts with their shotguns and pistols, he has no advanced mobility options when compared to the generalists. Even during Jungle Inferno when his DPS was an "absurd" 180 by having players spazzmaticus their mouse around, Pyro wasn't good enough to be used in 6s, in highlander he was still the dedicated airblast monkey. Outside of comp, in pubs he still relied on cheap shots and pyro mobs, in casual the only stomping being done was on fresh installs or faggots who do nothing but play on minecraft trading servers. As a Support Class There's literally nothing a pyro can do, that a second class in his place wouldn't be able to do better, whether that's highlander, 6s, pubs, or 7s. >muh airblast spam away A second medic would be able to cover hurt teammates and provide the added benefit of a second uber, kritzkrieg or a surprise Vaxx attack. A second engineer could spam with his own wrangled sentry rockets, or he could spam rescue range bolts at a wrangled sentry. >muh spy checking LMFAO spy is arguably the weakest class in the game, with only pyro competing with it due to his shit range and speed. Literally just turn around every couple of seconds, play with friends who have mics. Anyhow a second scout could help with flanking and spychecking, in pubs he could douse enemies with milk. A second soldier could help with spy checking and basically allow the other soldier to do more bombing attempts on enemy pick targets. A second demo could sticky spam harder certain points your main demo man can't, and also grenade spam as well. A second heavy could spycheck and guard other choke points. etc etc etc Do you see where this is going? >muh homewrecker While you're busy homewrecking sappers, the spy is busy spamming his sappers or trying to headshot you up close with the memetier ambie since up close it does 105 dmg. With his superior speed after headshoting you he then can run away while holding the m1 key and kill you with spam. His airblast is one of many components that harms the game No I'm not some sort of butthurt soldier main faggot who claims airblast requires no skill, yet can't do autistic shit like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCELRCJpXok The reason why I think it harms the game is simple, the size of the airblast is roughly the size of a small semi truck, give or take, now you combine this with a sentry nest, whether that's in pubs or competitive, experience snipers, plus a slew of other player or factors and you get god awful stalemates that can only be broken with perfect team synergy. So what's the fix? Well I'll post it nex post.
(113.69 KB 355x410 pyro spess muhreen.png)
>>430 Airblast Reduce it's size, currently it's too fucking wide, length wise I think it's fine, but as it stands the airblast's size is roughly still as absurd as it is in this video made by Sievseg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1g2x4b_Byg This is undoubtedly a disproportionate amount of area coverage, make the hitbox smaller. Additionally remove the soft autoaim mechanic where anything you reflect gets automatically redirected towards the crosshair, being able to nullify an enemy's damage should be more than reward enough. Flame particle mechanics We already have a histscan stream damage based class in the game, we already have a hitscan burst damage harassment class as well. We also have projectile burst damage classes, but what we don't have in the game, is a stream damage projectile based class. Think of old arena game's super nailgun/plasma guns but with afterburn mechanics, however with some concessions to make as well. Make the flamethrower particles have the exact same trajectory as the syringe guns, meaning it has a parabolic arc so "gravity" affects them. Remove rampup damage bullshit from the blue moon update, and make the hitboxes roughly 10 hammer units by 10 hammer units wide, this will require players to aim their stream of "projectiles" and will effectively kill WM1. To further prevent spam either make the flamethrower shoot in bursts of hitboxes, or make the pyro have to switch out gas tanks after 50 ammo is consumed. Since pyro finally has adequate range to his attacks either remove afterburn, or nerf it even further. And of course make valve get off their asses to fix that airblast particle glitch. What issues will this fix? Pyro's range, pyro's inability to do consistent DPS, pyro's lack of aim in order to use his primary weapon, afterburn's annoyance and unengaging gameplay of racing to a healthpack, the general annoyance of fighting pyros in closed off spaces which has his blinding flame particles make him hard to hit depending on angle of approach. Moreover unlike the hitscan suggestion this makes sure Pyro does not intrude on anyone's turf or steps on anyone's toes. Pyro will not intrude into demo man's roles since his role is that of area denial via sticky spam, and his grenades on direct hit are still burst damage based. Pyro will not intrude into soldier's turf due to soldier still being projectile burst damage based, as well as having superior mobility options due to stock rocket jumping, the gunboats or airstrike. In general pyro's role will be a new one of soft area denial, that can still be slightly negated by scouts, snipers and heavies. However this time if the pyro is good enough he can punish overly aggressive scouts, and he can at least harass heavies at mid range.
>>109 It's only good for rocket jumping anymore, and frankly it's too bloated to keep it installed solely for that.
>>109 Still play it for the pyro class and use the most obnoxious weapon because the entire community a bunch of whiners that can't just play the goddamed game. How much longer does it have? Depends on virtual item sales.
>>109 <no
>>109 Literally all they have to do to save the game is add the weapon ideas on the workshop it would take hours I don’t understand why they don’t care
What do you think of Creators.tf servers? Did you liked the Half Life new items?
Post "Blue Moon" update Short Circuit is a mess. The 65 metal energy clusterfuck with a hitbox that covers half the map rewards only the engineers that camp on top of a dispenser and spam it on any projectile class. And even then, they are better off using the wrangler. It's also hands down, the most annoying weapon in this game. It's one of the three main reasons I left this game. 0 volts AC/10 wouldn't zap again


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