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(1.02 MB 1680x1000 stronk.jpg)
yikes Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 14:10:47 No. 251
resting bitchface, the game
(576.16 KB 850x950 1567186559842.jpg)
this is now a dykes of doom thread
>let this be a warning to MANkind
has anyone tweeted to the devs yet how offended they were that Control had a man's face for the MC instead of a wymyn's?
(412.22 KB 2362x1498 niggers.jpg)
shitskins everywhere, just like america
(134.36 KB 364x852 1529294212992.png)
t. cognitively dissonant eurocuck
lol imagine still thinking this. they're barely even trying hide our oppression and their occupation anymore.
Beautiful girls.
(802.74 KB 1200x671 1567186559842.jpg)
i'm assembling a team of dilaters
(460.79 KB 1274x714 oy vey.jpg)
oy vey ahahaha
the writing and characters are written by milenial middle upper class hipster feminists. Its so shit, filled with soy. All the men are weak pathetic clowns all the women are butch lesebian dykes with short hair who command respect and have positions of power, officer, engineer, scientist, mayor, etc etc. The only attractive women in the game are lesbians and they like each other. There is no romance in the game according to the devs but the loyalty mission for your first party member is to hook her up with the other feminine female character, she friendzones you to hook up with some other chick and she is voiced by Ashley Burch. Also because the other chick is attractive, they smeared some shit on her face to make her look less attractive.

Man fuck this game, gameplay might be decent, better than bethesda and bioware shit stains but the entire story and writing and characters are soy hipster millennial "awkward" stupid humor cringe.
>lesbian asexual dyke
kill all the writers of this trash game
outer worlds is an abortion of vidya
(510.53 KB 651x520 1572018399799.png)
This (((game))) sucks balls
(1.24 MB 1920x1080 1572012401286.jpg)
Dykatron Delux
>Shalom, fellow Outer Worlders!
>be me, reluctantly try outer dykes after having seen the faces of doom
>butch dykes and niggers everywhere, stronk commie dialogue gives me cancer every step
>can't be arsed to play this woke juden trash, delete iso and game
>sigh. S I G H. you did good anon. feels GOOD MAN
>back to new vegas it is. modding is extra plus fun too
and nothing of value was lost.
1st step: remove obsidian title pic from new vegas, replace it with black isle logo. THAT'S BETTER.
(30.16 KB 690x388 serveimage.jpg)
>tactical time dilation
It's pozzed beyond any playability with terrible character models all around and propaganda of all kinds shoved down your throat at every opportunity.
(1001.02 KB 1412x1412 JUST.jpg)
they look like they could win the eurovision song contest
Started the game, entered character screen, scroll through 40 options until non-lesbian hair color.

0/10 refund imminent.
(114.23 KB 1200x840 1572026558993.jpg)
Here's your companions bro
I can't believe i downloaded a faggot simulator.
*sells 2 copies worldwide*
(145.56 KB 740x429 rick.jpg)
Why are there so many street shitter hajeeds in this game?
Peak soy, this game is commie Bs and throws feminist insults at you, the player. You'd have to be a masochist to enjoy that, it has literally no intrinsic value at all. Avoid at all costs.
I don't like looking at ugly dykes with bitchy attitudes, the art style is grating, the gameplay is boring, the story is communist propaganda, the factions feel samey, the decisions just feel like skill checks. There is literally nothing in this game except muh unreal engine graphics, which make you terribly sick due to all the cuck filters and chromatic aberration they used (likely to mind program the goy better or whatever shit). Pure cancer. I hope Obsoydian goes bankrupt after this and gets dissolved, they've been dying since after New Vegas, let it END.
If New Vegas was hardcore conservative then Outer Worlds is SJW libcuck-tier at best, outright kike propaganda at worst. Do yourself a favor and delete system32.
Game was made by a literal kike (Boyarsky) and is anti captitalism. Fuck this anti american trash and fuck these commie companies!
The game is part of a long-term plan to normalize homosex and socialism. We know this already. People are protesting this SJW shitfest because every time a liberal sees something like this, they become more bold. When they stop cowering, they do things like elect Obamas. And we all know how that ISIS shitshow turned out.
Socialism is death and genocide, nothing else. Avoid this game, and spread the message to shun these freaks!
(614.65 KB 870x750 1572052931400.jpg)
(1.14 MB 1925x1079 OY VEY.jpg)
Satanist trash paid for by Soros and/or Kikes.
Yeah the game is offensively bad. Imagine spending hard earned money to pay a bunch of faggot communists for their shitty ripoff game so they can propagandist at you for 30 hours about (((muh struggle))).
> I hope Obsoydian goes bankrupt after this
They just got bought by M$ last year. Rare got bought almost two decades ago and their corpse is still being paraded around.
Two sides of the same turd coin. It's like pottery.
It could have been good but they're trying WAY too hard for muh representashun and it comes off as bizarre and stupid.

Basically they've written 95% of the characters as male, and then gone through them and stuck tits and a female voice actor on 80% of those. Resulting in a ridiculous, ham-fisted parody world where around 75% of all notable NPC's are women, particularly ALL the engineers, mechanics, captains, and soldiers. It's so blatantly obvious they're pandering hard to feminists. The game is just surreal unsubtle feminist propaganda.

But here's the rub - There's nothing interesting about a female engineer or a female soldier if ALL the engineers and soldiers are female. It's just stupid. The whole point of a female in a male role is that they're succeeding in a male-dominated profession and doing something women don't usually do. By stuffing the game chock-full of women, they've erased what makes an interesting female character. None of them stand out. They're all forgettable and bland.

At the end of the day all they've done is created a load of male characters with tits and female voices. There are a few exceptions but for the most part it's just low effort gender-flipping, conspicuously putting women in male roles just for the virtue points.

You'd think that having so many women on the dev team they would understand this, but then again, feminists aren't known for their brainpower.
hurr durr corporations = bad
Its like its written by people who never had a job before. Without corporations they wouldn't have written this garbage on their fucking macbooks
The game is very anti-capitalism from the start, even using words like bootlicker as a pejorative. Hard pass!
The game is identity politics AND has you play as a commie SJW. This is literal brainwashing.
Why is even the ship AI a butch lesbian? Did they not feel like drawing any other face?
Americans should never make games. I love how white people call everyone beta cucks and its their own damn people who make this shit.

Imagine being able to render anything and make it look like whatever you want. Eastern nations idea of an AI is something impossibly cute like the vocaloids. The west? Butch lesbian sameface. Fucking pathetic.
Literally Bernie Sanders: The Game (For those who don't know, Sanders is a communist kike who would ruin America).
>everyone is a tranny in the future
every single one looks like it has AIDS
(107.76 KB 858x672 bubba.png)
>good attitude
>wrong way
(348.28 KB 347x593 1572637610855.png)
here's a cute lesbian to knock off the dust from your shoulders, nigga
(62.18 KB 600x600 1242422.jpg)
>cute lesbian
nice try kike
>>271 shabbat shalom goy >>282 OY VEY IM REPORTING THIS TO THE JIDF AND ADL


no cookies?