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(282.23 KB 864x924 sony-playstation.png)
Playstation 1 Thread Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 01:52:54 No. 311
This thread is dedicated to the original Sony Playstation, also known as the "PSX" or "PS1" . What games are you playing? Anyone try out the new Arduino modchips?
>Arduino Modchips:
PsNee - https://github.com/kalymos/PsNee
Diagrams - https://quade.co/ps1-modchip-guide/psnee/

Better performance than the old PIC mods!
(22.10 KB 492x400 attiny85-soic.jpeg)
PsNee modchip is pretty cool. I just did two PSOne systems with ATtiny85s. Just remember to burn the fuses ("Burn Bootloader" in arduino IDE) for the 8 MHz internal osc. I'm using bare ATTiny85 SOIC packages, solder it down once to my programming/test jig, flash once with an LED blink program to make sure everything's good, then flash with PSNee. Desolder from test jig, solder onto bare SOIC breakout, run wires.
Getting a functional arduino programming setup is a bit of a hassle (I just gave up fighting permissions issues and just run "sudo arduino"), but it's still way better than the old days of flashing questionable .hex's through ancient Windows-only software and hw tooling.

K3B will burn discs that are .cue, .bin, but only with a single .bin track. I switched to ImgBurn under wine since it can handle .cue + multi .bin isos as well.
(41.84 KB 540x405 snobow-kids.jpg)

Chipped all the systems I had laying around and burned about a hundred discs so far. Pretty comfy. Would be even comfier if I could find an actual NTSC-J fullset. I found a ~120 GiB NTSC-J set on Rutracker but it's nowhere close to being comprehensive. The NTSC-U set I found there was pretty good, if not exactly 100%.
It seems like Coolrom is the place to go for ntsc-j oddities for the time being. I found most of the one-offs I was looking for there, though the speeds are painful. I also found a few at psxrenzukoken .
Currently playing Snobow Kids Plus, extremely _C_O_Z_Y_

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