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(282.23 KB 864x924 sony-playstation.png)
Playstation 1 Thread Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 01:52:54 No. 311
This thread is dedicated to the original Sony Playstation, also known as the "PSX" or "PS1" . What games are you playing? Anyone try out the new Arduino modchips?
>Arduino Modchips:
PsNee - https://github.com/kalymos/PsNee
Diagrams - https://quade.co/ps1-modchip-guide/psnee/

Better performance than the old PIC mods!
(22.10 KB 492x400 attiny85-soic.jpeg)
PsNee modchip is pretty cool. I just did two PSOne systems with ATtiny85s. Just remember to burn the fuses ("Burn Bootloader" in arduino IDE) for the 8 MHz internal osc. I'm using bare ATTiny85 SOIC packages, solder it down once to my programming/test jig, flash once with an LED blink program to make sure everything's good, then flash with PSNee. Desolder from test jig, solder onto bare SOIC breakout, run wires.
Getting a functional arduino programming setup is a bit of a hassle (I just gave up fighting permissions issues and just run "sudo arduino"), but it's still way better than the old days of flashing questionable .hex's through ancient Windows-only software and hw tooling.

K3B will burn discs that are .cue, .bin, but only with a single .bin track. I switched to ImgBurn under wine since it can handle .cue + multi .bin isos as well.
(41.84 KB 540x405 snobow-kids.jpg)

Chipped all the systems I had laying around and burned about a hundred discs so far. Pretty comfy. Would be even comfier if I could find an actual NTSC-J fullset. I found a ~120 GiB NTSC-J set on Rutracker but it's nowhere close to being comprehensive. The NTSC-U set I found there was pretty good, if not exactly 100%.
It seems like Coolrom is the place to go for ntsc-j oddities for the time being. I found most of the one-offs I was looking for there, though the speeds are painful. I also found a few at psxrenzukoken .
Currently playing Snobow Kids Plus, extremely _C_O_Z_Y_
(11.19 MB 3024x4032 IMG_4334.png)
>>317 Good luck finding a full NTSC-J set. there are still a ton of missing entries for the NTSC-J library on psxdatacenter , and thats one of the most comprehensive lists I have found so far. Here's my collection ofPSX games, it's by far my favorite console. I have puyo puyo tsu and sun in the mail, as well as Tail of the Sun, which I'm really looking forward to playing. How does snowboard kids plus differ from the n64 version?


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