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(721.17 KB 1980x1114 MI3Nxmj.jpg)
Here is your Yennefer of Muslimberg, bro Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 10:15:55 No. 318
Pictured: (((Sorosflix))) version of Yennefer from Kvetcher 3

>Women as hot as game Yennefer don't work in Hollywood. They wouldn't put up with the (((perverts))) there to get ahead when they can find a sugar daddy and not lift a finger their entire life. Most of the "women" in Hollywood are trannies anyways. Any guy who thinks someone like Brie Larson is a real woman, has never seen a naked woman. Same goes for Laura Dern, Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley and on and on. Giant foreheads, mouths too big for their faces because they had surgery, belts that are worn super high to give the illusion of hips, chokers always around the neck to hide the fact they look like a giraffe with their tranny neck. Shoulder to hip ratio that you will never find on any female skeleton in existence. Athletes like Britney Griner are also men. You can see her giant Adam's apple in his highschool pictures.

>Hollywood is trash. Simply stop supporting it. They are creatively bankrupt, they are owned by one group of people and it's all propaganda and trying to get people of other races to fight at this point. They are doing it because people are noticing the bankers, ceo's of the 6 media corporations who own ALL the media and the people who fund tranny brainwashing and anarchist groups like Black Lives Matter all happen to have last names like Soros. They are also realizing who owned the slave ships, sold white people into slavery (George Lucas called Disney "white slavers" for a reason), who started and funded Communism and multiple genocides resulting in 100 million dead. People like Henry Ford weren't crazy or racist. They were calling out the most hateful cult in history and you support their apartheid ethnostate (Israel) and fund their brainwashing by supporting Hollywood and it's pedophiles and people like Weinstein who stalked women with ex Israeli special forces Mossad.

Have fun with the synagogue of Satan.
pictured: CDPR version
(3.82 MB 1879x3000 The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-Triss.jpg)
Yennefer was always trash, so this is fitting. Best girl coming through.
(486.69 KB 582x598 Untitled.png)

>Nigger fucks ciri
>Geralt is the only white guy in entire show
>Everyone else is a nigger, mudslime, pajeet, or spic
>Anyone I can't have sex with is a tranny.
>Hi, please pardon my nigger IQ while I type random kike nonsense.

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