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(501.06 KB 877x624 norilsk.png)
Comfy snow/winter games Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 17:49:22 No. 342
Looking for some games with this feel, setting or theme being related to winter or cold snowy settings preferably urban.
Off the top of my head I can think of Frostpunk, Modded STALKER and some levels in the Metro games. A couple that come close are Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason and The Long Dark. The reason that I only say these come close is that Cryostasis isn't as comfy as the three listed and The Long Dark is set in a very rural area and does not invoke the same feelings as come from the image.
(183.48 KB 256x327 SSX_3_Coverart.png)
For me, one of them is SSX 3. I like the music selection, the feeling of pulling off sick combos, and the overall winter/snow feel.
>>picture interpreted as winter + future + urban

>Snatcher - Sega CD
Snatcher is an extremely great winter time game. The game itself is set in a city in winter and there are several parts involving snow. Highly recommended for the vibe you're going for.
I think Silent Hill - PS1, but it's 2scary4me
>Snowboard Kids - N64/PS1
>1080 Snowboarding - N64
>Skifree - WIN95, this one is a classic but a little too frantic to be comfy. v nostalgic though
PS1 had a bunch of snowboarding games, if you find clunky 90s x-treme stuff to be "comfy". Doesn't count as "urban" per your definition tho. Also at least one snowmobile racing game I think. I think a lot of survival horror games might be set in winter, and PS1 has a lot of those.

Lots of games have a couple winter-themed levels but very few games are exclusively so, it's kind of interesting. It's much more common for games to have the opposite (summer) theme.
Diddy Kong Racing - N64 has a cozy ice world with 4 levels.
Mario 64 has at least one good ice level.
Majora's Mask has a good snow town.
Metal Gear Solid - PS1 starts out in the snow.
FFVI - SNES starts out with some snow city stuff.
Wipeout series has some pretty good urban future vibes.
Crash Bandicoot 2 - PS1 has some good winter levels.
Okami - PS2 is good, but more of a "Fall" game IMO
Gran Turismo 2 - PS1 has good snow rally driving levels


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