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(22.00 KB 450x450 3ds.jpeg)
New 3DS homebrew & emulation experience Anonymous 09/23/2019 (Mon) 15:52:15 No. 39
How well does the New 3DS handle arcade emulation through the Retroarch FBA cores? Is performance good? Input lag acceptable? Would a Vita provide a better experience for arcade emulation?

I am considering picking one up as the prices decrease.

(phone gaming isn't an option. dumb phone for life)
Not sure if you used Citra before. The Citra emulator is pretty good to be honest, it ran everything I threw at it but getting the correct ROM format is really annoying.
>arcade emulation
idk about arcade, but I used to play snes on mine and it's ok, not super. the emulator performance on vita sucks, at least it did a year ago. it should be faster in theory, but i don't think the devs ever really cared about it. only snes emu that would run FF6 full speed was 2002 and had awful sound. For handheld gaming these days I mostly play snes rpgs on my bittboy or native games on ips gba. hacked switch or GPD Win 1 will give you the performance you seek, certainly. The RS-97 IPS is pretty cool, if you can stomach the lame case graphic. There's also the RS-97 non-IPS, RG-300 and RS-90 if you

hacked switch - $300+
GPD Win 1 - $300
GBA + IPS upgrade kit + flashcart - ~$200
RS-97 IPS - $70
Bittboy (low framerate screen) - $30

"Arcade" encompasses many things ... give me your top five titles and I might test em
What is the best handheld emulator?

I can't find anything that doesn't look like shit, and can run SNES fullspeed and isn't 300+
Play instead gameboy, gbc, gamegear, atari lynx, and stuff like that on handheld.
NES and PCE should work okay too, at least my DS Lite had no problems emulating them. But here the problem is the screen is too small, with sprites, text, and games designed for regular size TV.
Otherwise if you really *have* to play SNES on portable system, just build your own with an ARM SBC, screen, battery, enclosure, and other parts you chose yourself. Then at least you can pick hardware and not pay Nintendo or someone else lotsa money and still be stuck with a shitty mess of stuff to work around.
(177.04 KB 1280x720 rs-97-ips.jpeg)

Bittboy (IPS) plays snes fullspeed with considerable frameskip. I'm 10 hours deep into FF6 on mine. RS-97 IPS plays non-chip SNES games fullspeed at ~$70. The RG-300 is a bit more tasteful and might start shipping with IPS (wait for confirmation), which would make it the best ~$70 option. The RG-350 just launched a few days and the GKD-350H is on its way, both of those should be <=$100 and have faster processors than the RS-97. There's also the option of raspberry pi handhelds, but you're either spending ~$100 and a bunch of soldering work or spending ~$300 for a prebuilt.

Check obscurehandhelds.com and dingoonity forums for information on the modern chinese emulation consoles. nice, high effort community but you can't call people faggots
also 4/vg/hbg, 4/vr/hbg and 4/vg/emugen but if you could post on 4cuck you probably wouldn't be here.
Was waiting for this anon, thanks!
I've heard citra can't run AC new leaf, is this still true? pretty much the only game I want to play
I played New Leaf recently, you can run it and most of the DLC to my understanding, it ran just fine.


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