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(444.46 KB 1448x1596 SWTOR Banned.png)
Banned forever from SWTOR Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 14:10:35 No. 420
Well I started a guild in SWTOR called "Holocaust Never Happened" and EA Bioware finally banned me after like 5 days. Here's the screen shot of the guild reaching number 1 on the leaderboards, and the email EA sent me telling me I was banned.
>>420 kek Mate, thanks for update. I was in the thread with you that night. >>388 (Heil'd) Bitchite 404'd assume you still have video? Should make webm "...this is a very serious breach... ...not the first time..." Mad Lad
>>420 BTW. Managed to recover my account with CD key, account had 50merc (previous launch cap), 45PT, few mid lvl alts, but the FTP model was so shit Shame as far as MMO's go that was one of the better WoW clones that had potential. All they had to do was add a little more ARPG, tweak a few animations a bit (running, jumping etc) to make it not so clunky, use a skins only cash shop and to not be so kiked with gameplay aspects like loot, lvl'ing, bank and professions. Tried new toon that night to refamiliarize self with basics, was shocked when made it to first encounter and game gave undeserved epic loot that only could be equipped with a sub.
>>421 i deleted bitchute, their video quality sucks
>>423 WEBM 101
>>422 yes, they could have made SWTOR the best but Bioware simply didn't give a fuck. They also locked unnecessary shit behind a pay-sub which further pissed off people. Bioware didn't update their fucking game for 3 years, people were saying the game was about to shut down. I believe it will within a year or so.
fuck EA
>>420 Did you post this on wizchan a while back? I am sure I read a similar thread on there a while ago.
>>420 sucks man. people are so sensitive these days. too bad it's only going to get worse. just barely play by their rules and you'll skate by fine. i had my xbox gamertag as N eye GeGeER for a little while. i got so many messages complaining about it and claiming i was being reported. i never got banned. i decided to change it a week ago though, since i could never find people who wanted to play with me.
>>420 well, you weren’t lying. shit never happened https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/
>>420 all that matters is that you did the right thing anon. and the holocaust is a lie.


no cookies?