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(195.80 KB 800x931 conan-playstation-3.jpg)
Old, Mediocre Games Are Better than Modern Games Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 04:48:32 No. 448
2007 - Conan comes out. It's a cheap God of War rip off and feels middling as hell. It looks like they forgot to add textures to the game. I drop it after 30 minutes out of disgust. 2020 - Gaming has become so awful I've gone back to Conan. At least they tried to copy a combat engine that isn't utter ass like a Demon's Souls clone. I don't even care that the game looks like ass. It plays better than most action games I've played in the past 8 years. Have you gone back to any games you didn't care for and then suddenly realized that they weren't so bad, now that we're in CY+6?
>>448 There's a bunch of N64 and PS2 games that are just kinda fun but tedious platformer/collectathons but I've started to play them since they're still 100% times better than anything else that comes out these days. I've been having fun with Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex.
>>449 Any thoughts on how the Crash Remastered Trilogy is? I never got into them on the PS1, but a lot of people seem to really love them.
(241.84 KB 563x320 bugmanRemake.png)
>Crash remastered I took a quick look at it, think I pirated the Switch version or a xb1 demo or something - I remember not being very impressed. I got some weird furry nu-male vibes instead of the SOUL of the original games. IIRC the remasters run at 30 FPS - that was an acceptable framerate in 1997 but it's complete fucking garbage for a platformer in ~2020, especially one that's supposedly """"""HD""""""". I think you're better off just playing the originals. I'm currently set up to play PS1 and PS2 games on original hardware on CRT, but PS1 games emulate pretty well. I use the first level of Crash 1 as my controller+input lag test, if I can get 100% boxes on the first run I know the setup is good, if I fuck up the box jumping over the chasm then I know my setup has too much lag or a controller problem. (I get 100% every time on real hardware -> CRT) So yeah I'd get the remaster for free or cheap, but I wouldn't pay money for it. If you want to go full autism just use a gaming pc and the OpenGL hacks to render at 960p etc
>>454 > I think you're better off just playing the originals. One of these days, I'll put in the effort to set up RetroArch and figure out how to OC the PS1 core to soup up the frame rate for those older PS1 titles. The PS1 Armored Cores at 60 fps might just wreck my life replaying them again. >If you want to go full autism just use a gaming pc and the OpenGL hacks to render at 960p etc kek, hadn't even gotten this far and we agree on the proper course of action! Thanks for the insight on the remake.
>>448 Yeah, going through older xbox/xbox 360 games and some ps3 games. Enslaved Genma Onimusha (xbox port) Wet Ninja Gaiden 2 been meaning to finish this anyway Devil May Cry HD but only playing third one Dragon Age 2 Maybe Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen (if I get time) and on ps3: White Knight Chronicles Prince of Persia Forgotten sands Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Forgot to say I remember playing Conan a while back, it was okay but not that great, better than the shitty Golden Axe beast rider
>old mediocre games At this point I've bought nearly every first person shooter available on GOG released before 2008. I just added basically everything to my wishlist and I go through and buy them when they reach ~$2.50 or less. It's great, I spend about 10 minutes per game setting up an XPadder profile and I'm off. Most of the games that qualify as 'mediocre' (i.e. not classics like Deus Ex) aren't really special, but they make for nice mindless romps. I bought some Brothers in Arms game recently for $2.50 and it's pretty characteristic I think. not exceptional but also not tons of microtransaction garbage, title screen with online tiles etc. just play as a good guy zogbot shooting germans in an oddly linear forest.
(2.92 KB 336x240 conan_datasoft_2.gif)
>>663 Play the original Conan, for Apple II, Atari, and C64.
(2.67 MB 720x720 monkeysoverblacks.webm)
>>448 I had blockbuster game pass and got to play numerous games during 360 era but, I considered it a sleeper hit it showed titties too. You should play Enslaved: Odyssey to the West,and Alan Wake best sleeper hits on the 360. I also recommend Vermintide 2 it plays like left 4 dead with zero sjw or shitskins, niggers. Most games I play are older games Bf4, skyrim , Gta 5, Half life 2, team fortress. Most games really do suck especially since forenite started the soul less battle royale zoomer garbage. So you never make new friends on them with instant elimination and no reason to stick around after dying. Theres a reason why they are just remastering everything the entire ps5 lineup is remasters most of ps4 was remasters. As much as PC likes to hate on consoles their wallets brought some good games. But now they are just milking every retard for skins not even content. I think the worst part of diversity hires, femicunts and sjws isn't them being in the game its that now they are trying to make the games and the games are absolute shit like cyberpunk or any of the other recent AAA major flops. True Crimes of LA, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Alan Wake, and Simpsons hit and run need to be remastered and the faggots remaster call of duty which really have little difference to current ones.
>>669 Yea, I only play 2D games. 3D games just don't appeal to me.
>>448 Fucking absolutely. I recently started playing the likes of Codename Kids Next Door for the Gamecube, Haunted Mansion and Eternal Darkness It might be nostolgia but I love them far more than the garbage they create today
(100.20 KB 640x400 U4vga.jpg)
>>448 Let me tell you something anon. I really REALLY loved the overall plot and world shit of the Ultima series. When i was younger I saw the primative nature of the games to be a turnoff for me But now, I love them, especially since I play other games of similar interfacing and graphics like Dwarf Fortress, CDDA and Dungeon Crawl. Ultima is just so... wholesome compared to the fucking trash and overengineered trash they peddle today. I just started up a new playthrough of Ultima 4 Quest of the Avatar and its so engaging to go on this simple but engaging religious quest to become a messiah of a fantasy land
>>448 The first game to actually make me start realizing that the vidya game scene was declining at a rate I didnt like was Red Alert 3. I was so infuriated at how they butchered the lore, made everything far more cartoonish and less serious to the point to vowed to never purchase another game from EA ever again. Now... now Red Alert 3 is a masterpeice compared to other shit. Makes me sad anons


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