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(201.72 KB 401x600 roodhaar.jpg)
Games where the defense stat means nothing Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 18:04:44 No. 59
Souls games and its various clones are an obvious example with armor in these games basically just working as visual customization pieces with some gimmicks like set bonuses attached to them. It's one thing to git gud to the point that you can just run around naked and throw dung pies at bosses in these games but it's entirely another thing when you realize the devs of these games always include certain armors that are very hard to get to make it seem like it's going to be the be all end all only to disappoint the player who will still get 2-shot by enemies even in the fancy armor. Post some other games where this shit happens because "the best defense is a great offense" is bullshit. Even in normie games like The Witcher 3 at least they made it so armor selection is almost entirely related to the build you are running so it's not just a cosplaying simulator.
Path of Exile has the evasion stat with similar problems. The main issues with evasion are that as a probabilistic all-or-nothing system it doesn't give you stable protection against one-shot boss attacks (aside from raising your crit avoidance chance) and that there are all sorts of spells and skills that are not considered attacks and as such do not interact with evasion at all. As a result, evasion has always been the red-headed stepchild of defenses in path of exile. Usually it's used either for Iron Reflexes builds (which convert evasion to armor for meteoric armor values and resultant physical resistance scores) or builds that use items to scale damage and movement speed off of your evasion score. But evasion is considered the worst choice as an actual defense.
That sounds like a stupid choice by the devs. The weirdest thing is the fact that a significant number of players often ask for even harder modes even under these conditions and defend what is actually poor balancing of combat mechanics to make a game seem more difficult. They are either looking for bragging rights on the internet for being able to beat a supposedly hardcore game (this is a major problem with the souls fandom even though I myself think the games are manageable) or they just cream their pants from the thought that noobs will suffer even more if the ultra nightmare modes they sperg about are implemented. People who ask for easy mode in Soulslike games annoy me but people who want them to tip the scales even less to your side are even more annoying. At least with the former they are basically asking for specific builds which are still well within the original combat design. Simply buffing enemy damage/defense/hp because normalfags want to see themselves as being hardcore gamers is gay.


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