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Anonymous 09/29/2019 (Sun) 21:41:35 No. 60
how does it stack up with the nintendo switch?
I have the GPD 1 and it's pretty comfy, but I ended up not playing games on it much. It's too weak to play many N64 games fullspeed, at least with default retroarch settings. Handles SM64 perfect (easiest rom in my standard test), can't keep 60 in Rush 2049 (hardest test rom I use). Dpad is a little mushy but it's apparently fixable if you're willing to do a full disassembly to swap out the rubber mat and d-pad cross with a DS lite.

It's still pretty great if you just want a "laptop" to permanently leave in your bag. I use it for connecting through hotspot when I want a "real" web browser, and for doing minor edits to .cfg files or file management for MP3 players. I would not recommend the GPD Win 2 if it's still $800 or something nuts like that.
>>60 It's not eve 'cool'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DragonBox_Pyra Sort of thing should have taken off.
(181.59 KB 1600x900 handheld-comparison.jpg)
>Dragonbox Pyra That's basically a portable raspberry pi zero that costs ~$800. The CPU is 5+ years old at this point. It never got popular because it's a hobby project, and between the original and the pyra there were multiple consecutive years where you couldn't actually buy one, just put down a $100+ plus preorder for a device with no guaranteed shipping date. It looks like they finally started shipping *something* at least in December 2019, 3-4 years since the product started. GPD managed to go from concept to mass, widely available production for at least 4 competitive products in that timescale. My autism appreciates the fully-open-source, hobbyist nature, but as a consumer product it misses the mark by a wide margin. If that guy ever decides to produce a cheap, cut-down version at $300 I'll consider it. I understand why it's priced as it is, but $800 is too much for what is essentially a toy.>>460


no cookies?