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(73.60 KB 775x581 gaming laptop.jpg)
Is PC gaming the best Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 17:10:51 No. 682
Mods, being able to torrent PC games, being able to upgrade, being able to play tons of older games, it seems like PC gaming is the master race am I right?
>>682 There really isn't any debate
PC has no games.
(147.99 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>682 Compare the cost of a good gaming pc to a xbox that is decent, the xbox is most of the time so much cheaper and it can play almost all the stuff almost like a end game pc plus Resident Evil 8 looks so fucking littt
>>898 Village only looks good graphically. It's not scary at all and the writing is absolutely retarded. Some vampire coomer plot and the entire thing just seems bad and rushed reminded me of a half assed tech demo and definitely not a labor of love. You don't buy games you don't have to. just pirate them.
(889.84 KB 1280x720 Mods_DS_Alpha.png)
>>682 >Is PC gaming the best? It really depends on what you want, and what is your setup? Let's see if we can compare some setups: Console setup Basic (TV+Controllers): You can easily play couch-co-op games, watch videos, listen shit. Thats it and it works. Very chill. (old consoles after jailbreaking can use emulators, a nice bonus.) Sadly, limited range of games. Console setup MAX (multiTV+audiomixers+Controllers+KBM+Kinect+VR+DancePads+Guitars+whatever): You're going to need a PC and additional hardware to set this up, but it's gonna be great. It's essentially a really shit PC setup. Sadly, limited range of games. Nintendo is not like this, but I'm not going to make this post 3x size to address the anomaly. Now PC: PC setup Basic (Monitor+KBM on a desk in a corner): Play games while you listen a podcast and keep that important work related window minimized, because you will get back to it soon(tm). Play MMORPGs. Shitpost on forums while you watch a video of a clown dancing knee deep in mud while playing megaman X5. Top tier multitasking. Sadly, too many games, and no couch. PC setup Advanced (HighEndPC+multiMonitor+KBM+Controllers+DP-HDMI-Wireless Link to living room TV): Play anything on a couch, play anything on desk, play anything on any old console. Tweak shit, get mods to console games, play Saturn games, torrent new exclusive console games with emulator patches, go nuts. Sadly, too many games. PC setup MAX (There is no max, PCs are too modular to make a max, but let's try something. SuperPC+everything) Play anything on desk, on couch, in the swimming pool, in the garden on a phone, all wireless, play on a 180-degree home theater, play games that need RTX-cards on an android phone through screen link apps. Sadly, still, way too many games. Basically PC is superior in every way. But consoles have a specific place in the world, they are for those people who want to take the easy route. Nothing wrong with that, I love taking the easy route in many things. Having a chrome-tier laptop and the latest console is the best choice for many, and it's not wrong, it's just a choice. The most common setup is turning out to be: Special PC in living room couch setup with Large TV, wireless controllers and the system is completely hidden. It's like having every possible emulated console, arcade and PC game in one system ready to go, without the mess of wires and multiple consoles and cables and controllers. Ironically, this is what the "steambox" or whatever it was called, was supposed to be, but it failed, because of shit hardware, software and marketing.


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