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I'm sad, bros. Anonymous 01/03/2021 (Sun) 06:38:42 No. 722
I can't even bring myself to play videogames anymore. I've become too entranced by politics and have spent almost my entire winter break off work reading political shit instead of playing all the new games I have. It's a compulsion, I can't ignore all the crazy shit going on in the world. How can I ignore it when I'm forced to wear a mask again when I return to work? I don't know why I care so much about politics, it seems like I haven't accomplished a single thing since I started involving myself with it four years ago. I've been reading about "elites" for twelve years now, and I'm just as powerless as ever. Why can't I just give in and enjoy the vidya-jew? All I want is to relax and have a little fun, but I haven't been able to have any fun for years now. Ashamed of myself, really. I think I have a problem. I can't even write very well anymore, I'm just as much of a zombie as if I had played videogames this entire time. Has anyone else had every last ounce of fun sucked out of their life?
>>722 I'm much the same way. The only way it's in our control is if rally together. I think that if there was a real world outlet, that we'd be able to get to have fun when we're not out there. There should be mini-rallies in every town Saturday morning where you'd have a kiosk selling books and passing out literature. I think that would be more effective than shitposting on /pol/ or twitter or where ever.


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