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(84.52 KB 953x953 Deus_Ex_Box.jpeg)
Deus Ex is the best game ever made Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 00:18:58 No. 74
That is all
>no real gamepad support
>ps2 port is kinda shit
It's an amazing game, just needs to be open-sourced so we can get a sourceport w/native linux+gamepad setup going
this is the most redpilled game that will ever exist
>>76 >ps2 port >gamepad My god, what a fag.
>>344 It really is, it got so many predictions right, even the soy food. My theory is the "gray death" plague is actually about race mixing. Notice that gray is actually black and white mixed.
>>381 I've heard that the game is developed by leftists so I guess to anyone analyzing the game politically, take it with a pinch of salt?
>>76 >wants to downgrade from KB/M to a gamepad
(91.93 KB 474x821 wuhanNCOV.jpeg)
The game was made by a literal Jew, and if you played it there are various references to the holohoax, the 6 gorillion figure, and the head of both anti-UN globalist groups are niggers. Also "ebil" germanic type cast for one of the UN soldiers. All in all the game is probably the closest we ever got to telling most of the "truth" about the world as it is; but again, just as in our world, misdirecting people away from the real parasites and scapegoating other groups/ fake entities/ illuminati or "white people".
(7.10 KB 320x200 DOOM16.png)
Old school Doom is the best tbh. The balance is perfect, both in SP and DM. And it's a piece of cake to make stuff for, so there's endless new levels and mods coming out all the time. >>444 Everyone has their reasons for playing a certain way. Nice thing about Doom is you can do it with keyboard only or gamepad if that's comfy for you. It doesn't even matter unless you're playing pro-level deathmatch or something. Hell, with Chocolate Doom there's no autoaim or mouse look anyway, and that's what I use 99% of the time, so my custom keyboard bindings are all I need. Also I don't even own a mouse. I fucking hate them and kill on sight. ^_^
(26.28 KB 320x200 DOOM02.png)
>>470 > no autoaim Eh, I meant there is autoaim rather, in the vertical direction. Like I can take this mutha out just by turning left a bit. So that makes it possible and comfy to play with keyboard.
>>400 practically all mainstream entertainment is lefty. at least the stuff in deus ex doesn't feel like a mindless caricature of rightwingers
>>472 >lefty >in a capitalist world, in a medium controled by private enterprises what
>>487 Leftism/Bolshevism is a subversive assault on culture first, economics second. Both Capitalism and Communism are controlled by the same inbred jews pushing the same globalist agenda using different economic strategies. How new are you?
Do I get murdered if I say I have only played Invisible War?
>>400 If being a leftist is being against Corporations taking over the government and destroying democracy. Then I'm a leftist
>>400 >FPS games on Gamepad Go back to mario
>>494 This post was meant for this one >>76
(57.17 KB 610x347 Strife DOS.jfif)
>>492 ha it's really inferior to the original, you gotta play the first one >>74 We really need some more first person RPG's like this. I don't know if anybody remembers the game Strife for DOS, but it was the first of this kind
(101.53 KB 827x546 shame.jpg)
>>469 I don't remember holohoax in deus ex at all, and I've played through it multiple times.
(47.14 KB 1000x540 LibertyBTFO.gif)
>>469 You are wrong. This game was made by a chink
>>499 The part in France where you go to find the dumb bitch. Pay attention to the dialogue next time
>>493 Government and Corporations have been in collusion with each other for along time. Look at Google handing over user data to the government with no questions asked for "safety". The trick is realizing they are both controlled by the same mafia cabal of inbred jews.
>>559 The constitution is the only thing keeping americans safe and protected against slavery from both Government and Corporations
(6.97 MB 480x360 Deus Ex Redpills.webm)
>>590 extremely based, thanks
Having some trouble running this game well without input lag. >Windowed Mode under Windows 7 - no input lag <Fullscreen under Windows 7 - unplayable input lag <Windowed Mode under WINE - unplayable input lag <Fullscreen under WINE I originally thought my problems were due to WINE but I'm not sure anymore since even on Windows it sucks ass in fullscreen mode. I'm normally not a fan of gaming in windowed mode, so I'm going to look into the borderless fullscreen mode mods and maybe the directx10 renderer as well. Does anyone have any advice for getting this to run well under WINE? almost feels criminal to run a game this redpilled on an israeli spyware OS
G N U : Use kentie's DeusExe as the launcher. Grab the files then put them in the .../System subdirectory. This involves overwriting the core executable file so you should back it up first. Then on launch, set borderless full screen in the launcher settings. Your winecfg should NOT be set to 'virtual desktop'. For me this has eliminated the input lag and the game is now playable. The mouse lag problems in other modes are noticeable on the game's menu, once you get it right the menu should feel just as responsive as the rest of your DE.
>>472 true. the only right wingers are the NSF and FEMA solders, but latter in the game you realize they have logical motives.
>>76 why


no cookies?