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(1.10 MB 1080x1317 1610005737086.jpg)
Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 10:28:31 No. 740
Imma looking for Angry Goy and Angry Goy 2 game. If somebody does not know this title, it's basically shoot them up about trannies and shit.
Here is Angry Goy II, as downloaded back in 2018. The file will be up for 21 days. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g98523970f79efd9b100032397411ad14d09cfb2d84 Name: AngryGoyII.zip Size: 456086301 bytes (434 MiB) CRC32: 069A6108 CRC64: 6FDA2FA545207C41 SHA256: C5324D25571715693A8E6ECF47BE3E79685E1E73CFB2B8EB99CFA76778C23F4D SHA1: 18579051514FB2496AA79B68EACE2956F80C3127 BLAKE2sp: 0F3C1341BB1F338FE4C6290D53B979A1B96F7B054D39301AA043B38C1863C68D
(11.82 MB 1280x720 AGIIReleaseTrailer.webm)
(9.53 MB 3508x4961 AngryGoyIIPromoArt.png)
>>759 Not OP, but thanks Anon
>>759 >The file will be up for another 21 days. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g2282391dbb9631561000329711e4e9edfee60e6de7 The file(s) that can be retrieved with the above link is (are): AngryGoyII.zip (434.958 MB)
>Angry Goy 1 https://thepiratebay.zone/torrent/16657115/Angry_Goy >Angry Goy 2 https://helicoptarianconstitocracy.org/media/links/angry-goy-ii.zip You will probably be interested in another game, it's "Black Lives Splatter". It's like carmageddon, but /pol/ edition. https://badgoy.net/
>>807 >Angry Goy 1 Thanks anon
I got a few ideas for a shitty game: - setting is in the future, as envisioned in /pol/'s worst nightmares. - world is run by the shadow cabal of jews, and whites are a minority in hiding, actively being sought out to be destroyed. The majority of the world population is under the effects of mind control, meaning that everyone of them is an enemy. - you have a home base among some whites who are hiding out in an undersea base near Antarctica, but your old home was in space on a hideout colony on the moon. - you have powers given to you, these are the standard powers of video game characters, but here they are actually acknowledged as what sets you apart and gives your people hope for the future. - for example, the ability to project your mind into the future from some point and snap back to thst point when you die (save/load), a firm of invulnerability that gets taxed as you take damage, until it gets destroyed and leaves you up to taking damage for real (health points), the ability to put people under from up close by interfering with their mind control implants (reliably and safely knocking people out for long periods instead of killing the modern causing permanent damage to them), the ability to store items in the aether and summon them to your hands as you need them, etc. - you also have the ability to break things down, and restructure them as you wish, thus, everything is "currency" for "buying" whatever you need, like in the game "prey" (the new one) but it can be done on the spot. The things you can "buy" include items and equipment, but also leveling up stats, and purchasing a variety of new abilities to enhance your character and his powers. - The game is both first and third person, it's a pretty standard "go it your way" type sandbox roleplaying game, that can be played like a shooter, beat em up, or stealth game, you can parkour around the environment to get around, and there are multiple paths to basically anywhere you want to go, being good in one playtime or another simplymakes the associated route easier. There's no pressure to play any one way, as all awards can be gotten once an area is cleared, all you need to do is access the places where the things are, and when you liberate the area, all the stuff you can get is claimed by the rebels, who take control of the area, and gather up resources for you to retrieve at base. This also means that your launching hub moves closer to you as the area of the boss becomes the newest hq. Newly liberated areas aren't fully safe, however, since the majority of those freed won't be white, and more importantly they won't be just joining up to the side that freed them, nor will they be siding with their former enslavers, instead they will just be going wild and attacking both sides, also, once liberated, an area will be besieged by the establishment, so the rebels will be seen fighting these off, only to stop when surrounding areas are also claimed, in which case you won't have to deal with the establishment, but those neutrals are still going to be something to deal with. - your powers come from some entity who only you can perceive, she takes the form of a waifu, but her personality is pure golden-age internet troll, she's lovable and hateable at the same time, she offers to make your enhancements cheaper, or offers new upgrades to you, or recipes for new items, all on exchange for completing missions she's laid out for you. These missions can be anything she cones up with for you to do, bit ot makes achievement hunting actually rewarding in-game, it also presents a moral dilemma with the use of an official morality system, as her most evil requests often align with the best rewards. - On the subject of morality, you can also attack amd kill rebels, and doing this enough can set you down a different oath and give you a different ending when you complete the main quest line. Other things that affect story progress will exist, such as how many enemies you have killed vs how many you didn't (even as a combat focus build, enemies will be a to be incapacitated rather than killed, even from long range, which is unique for a game in which incapacitating is possible, bosses can ve defeated in such a way, and there are benefits down the line for taking important people prisoner rather than ending them, but there are also risks if you mismamage their containment areas, it all depends on your choice of build).
Continued from >>828 - at an hq, you can commission the development of structures and facilities, each of which adds some new functionality to the base, these cost resources that come from you and the materials stored at the location, you cannot choose where the things are built, a maxed out base will always have the same layout, however the designs of each base will be unique and you will get to explore it and see the developments that you commissioned as they are added to it (its not Instantaneous either, there is a period of time for each insylment to get constructed, and you get to see the construction as it is being undertaken.) - the game ends when one place is taken by the rebels: Australia, New Zealand and some of the surrounding Pacific Islands. Even when they have a supersoldier like you with them, the fight is going to be uphill, and very dangerous for them, but they will have a continent and an island to themselves, and it's going to be a defensible position since they have strong protections from WMDs. - there will be another chapter where you fight on the moon, to liberate that place again before returning to earth in the sequel to liberate another location, which is Greenland, Iceland, and Britain. - the games will have most people of the setting waiting out the war indoors due to a permanent quarantine lockdown, this time its simply justified by the regime as being for avoiding disease in general, the rebels are a decimated and deprived few who could barely maintain the minimum viable population at the beginning of the game. This is why most of the people you see are enemies and everything seems dead, similar to bloodborne, everyone else is either in hiding, or there isn't much of them to begin with. Even the rebels have got most of their number behind closed doors In areas where you can't enter or explore, a bunker that contains the people who replenish their numbers and do everything to support the effort from behind the protection and secrecy of bunker walls. No one from the outside can go in unless they will not come out again until the whole area is liberated at the end of the game. There's a solid justification for why you sre such few people. - basically the theme is that the left are evil bastards with good public relations and use psychological manipulation to control you, similar to domestic abusers or dengerous cults. However, I want the main enemy to be very familiar to the personal experiences average people have with the left and with mainstream political culture in general, i want them to feel like a real entity that can exist the way they do in the game. - the neutral mobs are going to fall into three camps, each representing the mainstream right, useful idiot shills, or shitskins, one accepts the left's narratives while opposing you and them, the other has some weird positions that the left created to undermine the far right, the last are just niggers and live off of crime and parasitism, they don't have anyone to leech off of anymore, so they turn to the other option of chimping out 24/7. - among the asians, there are two factions, one basically acts like rebel whites when liberated and supports the rebels, the other forms a competing establishment for the antagonists, and the two are at war, they both want the same thing, but for themselves to be on top of it all, not the ones their enemy has in mind, during the course of the game, this second establishment of the Chinese is going to take over some of your liberated areas, and you will have to free them again from this new threat.


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