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(29.09 KB 494x599 dmg.jpg)
Gameboy Thread Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 02:27:47 No. 94
This thread is for discussion of Nintendo Gameboy hardware released between 1989 and 2003, as well as games and accessories released during that time.

How are you guys doing? Enjoying the new backlit screen mods?
(50.00 KB 800x800 GBA_IPS_LCD_V2_ribbon_800x.jpg)
I've got the new BennVenn screens for my DMG and GBC, as well as the taobao IPS screen on my GBA. I've got another taobao IPS screen on the way and am going to try to cram it into a GBA SP with the use of one of those ribbon cable adapters intended for the AGS-101 mods.

Feed me (yous) if you have questions or want pix etc
Quality thread, have you by chance looked into any of the recent chink emulator devices for playing GB? They look like they can run everything in the library 100% with the better screen+battery, or are you a diehard must be original hardware kind of person?
I'm familiar with and own most of the devices on obscurehandhelds.com and dingoonity, if that's what you're asking. They are quite interesting, but target different markets IMO so they're not 1-1 replacements. They give you an 80% experience across 7 different platforms, whereas original hardware w/ screen and battery upgrades give you 1-3 platforms at 100% fidelity.
The "RS-90" is the closest in terms of GB/GBA emulation, as it has an authentic GBA micro screen with 240x160 native resolution. Unfortunately the backlit TN panel, while impressive for its time, does not stand up to modern IPS panels. The devices on the market that do ship with IPS all have 320x240 resolution (or 320x480 half-height pixels, which amounts to the same thing), so you have to choose between a tiny image with borders on all sides or a blurry non-integer stretch.
Since I've set up my backlit GB, GBC, and GBA a few months ago, I haven't touched any of said emulation consoles. The fully upgraded original hardware ends up quite a bit more expensive ($200-$300 all in for console + screen + li-ion battery + flash cart) as compared to a $30 bittboy or rs-90, so they're essentially different markets. If you want the console to feel and look pixel-perfect, there's no replacement for the original hardware.
(36.30 KB 662x599 Nintendo-Super-Game-Boy.jpg)
I set up my big CRT again a few days ago so I'm currently messing around with the Super Gameboy. In many ways it's the 1994 version of the nintendo switch - play on your big tv, then take the game with you.
Currently checking out the various games that have special palettes for the Super Gameboy, like Donkey Kong 1994. Interestingly enough DK94 also has an extra sound sample added, Peach's cries for "help, help" use an actual sample instead of just PSG. It's cool at first and gets annoying after a few levels. The one thing that's lame is you can't actually play Gameboy Color games on it, which I'd forgotten, but makes sense based on the release dates (1994 vs 1998). Thinking about doing the crystal swap to get the exact frequency, and idly daydreaming about looking into the crystal toggleable overclock method, or looking into swapping in the guts of a GBC. not sure it's possible though
(46.22 KB 480x360 another-bible-box.jpeg)
(84.84 KB 500x500 super-mario-3-gba.jpeg)
(58.83 KB 474x422 poke-red.jpeg)
(404.04 KB 724x388 pocketsprite.png)
still working my way through Another Bible. it's a nice bedtime game. also got to world 4 in SMB3 on the GBA. It's nice and responsive (better than any non-runahead emulator), but the squished viewport is kind of gay. I had at least one death that was directly attributable to the short screen. oh well. Also played a bit of pokemon red on my Pocket Sprite while poo-ing. pretty good. early game, training up a male and female nidoran pair and trying to catch a pikachu right now. I went with charmander starter so I need something good to face that chode brock.
Why would anyone play a shitty console of yesteryear when we have PC? Nah, pass.
(27.24 KB 600x400 ez-flash-omega.jpeg)
Been playing my GBA a bit the last few days. I've got the latest EZ-Flash, the one that finally doesn't require manual patching of roms. Dumped my fullset on there and it works great. The only problem is the pcb card edge connector does not seem to make a very good contact, if you bump it too hard during gameplay the sound goes nuts and the game freezes. I wedged a little bit of folded paper behind the contacts and that seems to have made it better. I have the krikkz everdrive GBA cart but that one is a big sticking out turd, it's bigger than a standard cart so it doesn't sit flush. The EZ-Flash is regular sized so the console is still easily pocketable. as for games the last few days: - Advance Wars 2 - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - trying out a few Metroid Zero Mission hack (Metroid Super Mission, boots and plays on real hardware, only about 10 mins in so far)
>>240 It was shitty even for its time because consoles were already far ahead, and that just added the shitty first nintendo game graphics in a mobile
(176.28 KB 801x561 Joust.jpg)
>>515 That's a plus, because it forces retro old school goodness. I don't even like anything that came after Sega Genesis/CD. The only console I have now is a DS Lite (received as a gift), and I don't even like most of its games. I basically use it to run GB/GBC/GameGear emulators via a flash cart. I suppose it can run GBA carts directly, but I haven't got any.
>>516 >retro old school goodness This would be 2D arcade games and not other platforms trying to imitate with small screens and pixelated graphics. The only advantages of consoles were the fact that you could play at home and of Game Boy that you could play where you want but it was a even worst imitation from the arcades. Cellphone emulators have now made this whole shit obsolete with filters that make the graphics look even better than the old arcades
(394.47 KB 200x210 1583908428784.gif)
>Cellphone emulators have now made this whole shit obsolete you must be 18 to post here
>>518 You must have an argument to reply
(3.33 KB 128x72 mfw-smartphone-zoomers.png)
gameboy == SOUL smartphone == NO SOUL
>>520 >bad quality ports == SOUL If smart phones had come before game boy your opinion would be totally different. You got a fetish for the hardware and not for the game you are playing. If you want to worship good retro hardware then do it to the arcades, because game boy is just as souless as smart phone. I'm much boomer than you which is why I pointed out the old arcades and I hated game boy since their release just like you hate smart phones
(523.81 KB 960x1003 gryzor-amstrad.jpg)
>>517 There's a ton of fun, old school games that were made for 80's computers and consoles exclusively, so it's not just arcade stuff. Anyway I was born in the 70's and my first occasion to play Joust was at my relative's house, on their Atari 2600. And I'm perfectly content with any port of the game that plays well. I didn't actually spend much time at bars/arcades until my late teens, and by that time I was already accustomed and loved the hell out of 8-bit computer games, including arcade ports. And even today I actually prefer to play computer and 80's console ports of arcade games, simply because it's much easier to emulate those systems compared to MAME (which effectively needs a botnet computer, and I use exclusively ARM boards that don't do speculative exectuion or require any kind of weird firmware blobs). Plus I just don't want to deal with all the MAME updates contantly and tracking down/updating huge sets of rom files. It's just a lot simpler and better for me this way.
>>522 >>522 >Plus I just don't want to deal with all the MAME updates contantly and tracking down/updating huge sets of rom files. It's just a lot simpler and better for me this way. You don't need to worry about this. Just dload a Rom pack for your version You don't even need to update
(129.33 KB 1014x764 foo.png)
>>524 Yeah that might work, if I get an old enough version of MAME. Allegedly MAME2003 ought to run okay on my hardware. So I might get to it eventually, but it's a low priority, since I already downloaded all the TOSEC and "No-Intro" collections for old computers and consoles. Plus I also download my own individual roms for games I care about, and organize them by platform, with screenshots, manuals, and whatever else might be useful.
>>525 This guy did something like that on his MAME 0.78 (2003) and gave dload links. You can try if you're interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw330wZZ6dg
I'm thinking of soldering an orange backlit LCD into my gameboy. Any good sites? A tutorial would also be nice as well.
>>531 can you solder smd 0805? The lcd upgrade kit that I know of nowadays ship with white leds installed for the backlight and you have to remove-and-replace the leds yourself if you want a different color. I have the bennvenn LCD in my DMG. I was going to replace the LEDs with green ones but haven't got around to it yet. The white is really somewhat of a very pale blue color and it looks pretty good as is. I'm decent at soldering but it's still kind of ehh since there's always a small chance you fuck something up any time you get in the workshop. "if it aint broke, don't fix it". anyways I just looked on his site and like everything else in the whole fucking world the LCDs are presumably made in china so the supply is a bit questionable. maybe I should take advantage of the situation and sell my shit for inflated prices... so idk installing the bennvenn screen was super easy, just needed to trim the screen opening, solder two wires for the backlight, and install a new glass LCD cover. this is the site: https://bennvenn.myshopify.com/collections/aftermarket-lcds/products/dmg-3-backlit-lcd-kit . I don't know of any full tutorials (static html websites) for installation but there was at least one guy online who had a pretty decent ~50 min youtube video where he went through the process. The hardest part is widening the screen opening and having it still look neat. If you use the cheap and available raspberry-pi style LCD covers the edges of your cuts will still be visible when in use, so try to get them as straight as possible. If you use a custom gameboy lens designed for the mod it will mask the edges so you can just cut a little more out and not worry about the ragged edges being visible. I bought a cheap aftermarket shell to use for practice, since i didn't want to risk fucking up a real shell. Here's a pic of my setup. I currently have the cheap lens fitted into the aftermarket front shell. Next to it is a custom lens that I'm going to install once I cut into my original hardware front shell. I also got one of the "one wire" brightness control PCBs bennvenn sells, since the mod as-is doesn't come with any brightness controls. Somewhere around my workshop are the lime-green 0805 leds I ordered for the possible mod but I couldn't find them for this picture. okay well whatever it won't let me post a pic. come to rikchan if you want to see what it looks like.
ok I also posted more stuff on rikchan about my modded GBA if you guys are interested in that
>>533 Link?
(20.07 KB 300x259 lsdj.gif)
I have two everdrives. I noticed something weird with LSDJ. My older-style Everdrive made in 2014 seems to only be able to hold one song at once, and there's a "reset memory" option where the "save/load song" option should be. When I boot up the exact same lsdj rom on my 2018 everdrive it gives me the option to load and save multiple songs. I thought I was going crazy last night when I couldn't find the save/load option until I figured this out.
(40.74 KB 961x320 rikzone.jpg)
Just started in on Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Alter. It's a full conversion of Aria of Sorrow with the map changed up. I like it so far. At this point I have the original map basically memorized so this brings back the exploration feel to the game. Get it at romhacking, use an IPS patcher. I use lazy_ips.py on GNU/Linux, works great for me.


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