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(1.05 MB 1000x783 supper-nintendo.png)
Super Nintendo Thread Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 21:53:14 No. 99
This thread is for discussion of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the Super Famicom and related games and accessories.
(7.00 KB 256x224 big-boos-revenge.png)
I'm currently playing Super Mario World - Big Boo's Revenge on original hardware. It's pretty good! I've tried other SMW romhacks and didn't really like them - they were generally either very unpolished/glitchy and/or extremely difficult. Big Boo's Revenge seems to hit the spot for me, it's just the right difficulty (about 2-3x the standard game, not 10x) and it's quite fun to play the levels fresh, without having all the secrets memorized. IT's good.
Play demon' s crest. It's pretty fun
funny enough, I had played the first level or two before reading this post. It is fun. I wish it had a real save system though. How do I make it give me a password so I can save progress? I was expecting it would do the usual thing and give me a password after the first boss, but I didn't get one and I couldn't find a menu option for it.
I bought a snes mini and hacked it with hackchi.
The thought of having the whole library of snes games on an official mini console gives me a huge boner
(246.86 KB 1703x1256 snes-classic.jpeg)
I hacked my snes mini too, but I don't think it has enough space on the nand to hold the whole library at once. The internal NAND is 512 MB and half system, while my SNES fullset+translations+hacks is 5.7 GiB. Are you going to do the SD or USB mod? Even without the mod you can certainly fit a bunch of good games on it, but it's not quite the whole library. Anyways I thought the best part about the snes mini was the new, basically authentic controllers and the all-in-one aspect. I've basically had something similar for ~5 years with a raspberry pi/intel nucs etc, but it's so much messier, especially back in the early days. The Snes mini is much more suited for a gift as I don't have to worry about explaining EXT4 filesystem over the phone to my little cousins.
I'm not even sure to be honest. I've always used savestates for my emulated games
yeah I will probably wait to play it all the way through until I'm back in an emulating mood.

I've started up a playthrough of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I actually haven't played it on SNES before, my first playthrough was back on GBA and I don't think I ever beat it. Same deal with SMW, actually - the GBA versions have the smaller, shit viewport limitations but some other quality-of-life improvements. The big viewport and improved controls are nice, but it's annoying to be back in ~1991 as far as in-game saves are concerned. Zelda forces you to start from your house/sanctuary every time, and in SMW you have to keep doubling back and beating ghost houses if you want to save. It forces you to plan ahead much more with your gameplay sessions, you can't just pick it up and shut it down whenever you want without losing progress like you can with a modern game.

I also put about an hour into "FFII" (Final Fantasy 4). I never really got into it since the artstyle looks very stale on a modern LCD, but it looks pretty good actually on CRT. I'm considering modifying a cheap aftermarket controller so that L = A so I can play one handed. I really like the games like Earthbound, Dragon Quest IV, GBA pokemon that allow for this controller method, and I kind of want to have it for other games too.
I withdraw my recommendation for Big Boo's Revenge, at least if you're playing on real hardware. I got stuck on level 3-4 and needed to let time expire, then the console froze after "Time's up" so I lost progress. Maybe it's still worth it if you're savescumming on emulator or using a rewind function or something.
I'd like to play the first 3 Zelda games in a row but I always end up getting to a point where I have no idea what to do and they aren't as forgiving as the modern games. I'd prefer not to follow a guide but I guess I'll be forced to
I remember getting stuck about halfway through [spoiler]the shadow world[/spoilers] the last time I played ALttP. Same deal with Oracle of Ages or Seasons, which ever one I played. Partly these games with the warps back and forth are not very forgiving if you're going to play a bit here and there every couple weeks, there's a bunch of context and locations that you forget about if you aren't playing every day.
It's actually similar to the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, I've gotten stuck the times I was just dabbling my way through it with 30 minute play sessions here and there. The one time I actually set 3 hours aside for it before entering I was able to easily to beat it start to finish.
Just did the 12-exit clear of SMW, pretty easy if you already know where the exits are. Probably going to start a new file and go straight to the hidden world (forget the name), then go for a 100% clear.

I popped in and tried out The Lost Levels on Super Mario Allstars, but I didn't like it. I don't like how the art style looks like SMW but uses the SMB1 physics, it kept throwing me off. I think I'll wait to play through that until I get my NES RGB modded. Just bought the desoldering iron for it, got the kit on the way. If anyone else is interested, now is a pretty good time to buy is as the US vs Australian dollar is very favorable right now.
on 8chan's /vr/ board, there was a thread for archiving old ROM's. They posted NES and Genesis packs but I never checked back to see if SNES pack was posted before 8 got nuked. Did anyone save the SNES pack?
If you want roms check out this anon: https://the-eye.eu/public/rom/

They don't have everything but they have a ton.
(135.63 KB 1364x884 rutracker.png)
>where to get roms
way back in the 56k / slow DSL days, I used to download individual titles from emuparadise. obviously that's gone down now. I got most of my fullsets over the past several years from archive.org and rutracker.
archive org is sort of a whack a mole game, as people will upload fullsets but they will get DCMAd, then another person will post etc. It's pretty great for old cartridge games, anything GBA or older you'll almost certainly find a fullset on there.
rutracker is pretty great for newer systems and disc-based sets. I got my PSX and Mega-CD fullsets from there within the past year. just search for "$systemname set", and there's lots of content.
The eye is pretty good for grabbing single roms here and there. I think you can script up a scraper with wget, but their collections aren't complete so it's not really worth it.
I've also used Vimm's lair and Edgeemulation for some stuff recently.
The hardest part about the fullsets is getting ~thousands of files unzipped and sorted them in some way that makes sense, is easily searchable, and doesn't have too many files in any one folder (some flashcarts have limitations on files per folder and don't accept zipped roms).
a quick DDG for "snes fullset archive org" ->
The "no intro" sets are a great place to start, as they don't have too many duplicates and have all the officially released games without much bullshit. The "goodset"s are great if you're looking for a more expansive collection that also includes romhacks, weird homebrews, and that sort of thing.


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